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  1. k_pt

    Brake caliper fabrication

    So, at the moment, I have a B5 with 280mm front discs and a pair of Tiguan caliper/disk/pads, 312mm with 57mm piston. I've searched the internets for about 2 hours and couldn't find anyone that would sell a caliper adapter for my conversion, so I'm thinking asking my machinery shop to...
  2. k_pt

    Hybrid turbo in need of turbo adjustment

    I'm dealing with some underboost for some time now since I got my turbo hybrid GT1752VB I've already tested the actuator, and it moves by the rules, 4inHg to start move, stop at 18inHg. Made some pulls to show you what I mean. No problems with sensor MAP, it was fine before the turbo swap...
  3. k_pt

    Plans on high torque TDI

    Greetings I currently have a pd150 arl with 1752vb with mfs, at the moment pulling nicely at @2000 rpms for what the stock clutch can handle. The quest is, getting more power at the 2000/3000 range. And since the block as high milage, 300kmiles, the plan was: Bore it, throw in some...
  4. k_pt

    Higher suspension strut mount?

    Greetings, I'm now on Eibach Prokit springs on my Golf IV, very happy with the confort and handling but the front is much lower than the rear, I need to get the front higher, about an inch. Already replaced the mounts. I searched and it seems that VW only has 1J0412331C has a strut mount...