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  1. tat2

    Hid question

    Maybe some one can help. I have a 99.5 jetta that I am starting to do the whole HID conversion on. I am wondering if I need to buy the canceled or not? I cannot find a straight answer if the warning light gets thrown on these years or not. Figured someone who has done it already could let me...
  2. tat2

    WTB: dieselgeek short shifter for mk4

    If anyone happens to have one they want to get rid of or maybe getting rid of a car with one I would like to get my hands on one Thanks
  3. tat2

    Advice on buying parts

    Looking to buy a new clutch master and slave cylinder. Are there any good aftermarket part places or should I stick with OEM?
  4. tat2

    Wtb Mk4 floor mat

    Looking to buy a driver side floor mat (black). Mine has a hole from being well used. Thanks
  5. tat2

    Nuisance noise

    Nuisance noise help Please help identify this noise!! It's a rubberish squeak/squeal that seems to be from the left front. It seems to happen mostly while turning left. Sometimes don't hear it at all. If I'm going down the Hwy and hear it I can usually slow down, and it goes away around...
  6. tat2

    mk4 after mods so...
  7. tat2


    lets see how it looks
  8. tat2

    Wtb glow plug relay

    Looking for a good glow plug relay for a 2000 jetta. (7 pin relay 180) Thanks
  9. tat2

    should i go malone 2 or 3

    I am at the point where I need new nozzles. looks like I am going with the dlc 1019s. I have a 99.5 jetta tdi with stage 1 Malone with 160000 miles on it previous owner changed clutch at 90000 miles. so since im getting new nozzles i want to upgrade my tune. so should i get Malone 2 or...
  10. tat2

    wtb vacuum pump for mk4 alh

    Got one thanks guys for all tge quick replies
  11. tat2

    clutch advice

    So its getting close to the time to change my clutch on my 99.5. I have a stage 1 malone tune but in the very near future I would like to go stage 3. So what would be my upgrade options?
  12. tat2

    intermittent shifiting issues

    my 99.5 5spd has been having random shifting problems. some days it shifts smoothly and perfectly. some days it will give me trouble going into first and third and it will grind going into reverse even using the second gear trick. I did a brake job recently, bleed the brakes but not the...
  13. tat2

    timing belt

    its about time for me to change the timing belt. I have looked at dieselgeek, idparts, fixmyvw, and kerma. what is the best one to go with?
  14. tat2

    his and hers just got tinted

    looks and feels so much better. the a/c is much more efficient now. will have a few more later.
  15. tat2

    silicon hose kit

    Do these kits help performance economy etc? Dont want to spend the time and money on it if it doesnt help. Thanks for any input
  16. tat2

    wtb intercooler hose

    Looking to buy intercooler hose that connects to turbo. Also open to piping system. Thanks
  17. tat2

    good speakers

    I am looking to get some suggestions on replacements for speakers and tweeters that drop in. That can hold 40 watts rms. I will be installing my alpine mrp 250 to run them. Thanks for any suggestions
  18. tat2

    wtb: short throw shifter + 5th gear mod

    Looking for diesel geek short throw or equivalent. Also would like to buy .681 5th gear mod. Also if anyone is looking to get rid of timing belt kit i am interested also