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  1. papasmurf

    Central Florida

    Where are all the central Florida/ Tampa people at? I think a little gtg would be great.
  2. papasmurf

    Best platform for a drag truck VE pump or CR?

    Now the purpose of this thread is to get an idea of what its going to take to build a 2wd toyota drag truck. Its only an idea at this point. I have the skill and experience of building street and track cars, cages, custom suspension and etc. Now that I have got that out of the way, I would...
  3. papasmurf

    Is the swapped vehicles ecu even needed anymore?

    So i have been reading through the links at the top of this page trying to find out if the ecu in my 1992 toyota cab and chassis is even needed anymore. I mean can anything related to the old engine be traced back to the ecu and eliminated? I have the dash out and I'm gonna pull the hvac stuff...
  4. papasmurf

    How do i post the right size picture?

  5. papasmurf

    My 1991 toyota dually 1 ton

    Well it looks like i finally got my project to do my tdi swap in. It's a 91 toyota 5 speed. The need will have to go and I'm not sure if i will build a bed with dually fenders or a bed made for towing. And when i say towing i mean that I'm going to be building a mini gooseneck trailer. If...
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    What tuners are here in Florida?

    Are there any tuners here for tdtuning, rc or Malone? I'm in Orlando.
  8. papasmurf

    Hybrid Alh 2.0 vs bhw

    In this thread i want to cover the pros and cons of each. I have an alh on the stand that i was building for a swap. And when i say building i mean i have a complete lower bhw block for it, 11mm pump and i was thinking about ditching my pp764's for something larger. Turbo will be in the vnt20...
  9. papasmurf

    2004 passat, p0811, only issue is first gear

    So on my 04, 127,000 miles, i get the code p0811. Clutch slippage. We all know that at sometime these transmissions will rear their ugly heads. I bought the car like this. Now i only get the slippage in first gear. Once i get going all the other gears work fine. I do see that the transmission is...
  10. papasmurf

    WTB: alh mounting hub for pulley

    I am looking for the mounting hub off of the shaft that the pulley bolts to. Yes i know they shouldn't be removed but this one does not have one. I have paypal and shipping will be to Orlando fl. Thanks
  11. papasmurf

    WTB: Alh ip Pulley

    Just wondering if anyone has just the alh ip Pulley for sale? Machined or not machined to fit under the ahu timing cover.
  12. papasmurf

    Worse mileage driving "nicely"

    I have been driving my a3 jetta for over a year now. Fittest thing i did was change all filters and diesel purge. I wasn't getting over 33 mpg. I drove it that way for 6 months and after it couldn't get out of its own way i ordered pp764's knowing i would be upgrading things in the future. The...
  13. papasmurf

    Who has done a 17/22 in an ahu or 1z?

    I am not finding much for people who have installed a 17/22 in an a3. I know there was one guy with a cabriolet but i think he parted it out. So for anyone else that has done it, how did you like it? What other mods have you done? I have pp764's, still looking for an 11mm pump, exhaust, fmic...
  14. papasmurf

    FS ALH injectors and hold down brackets $180 IN/IL

    Selling these for a friend of mine. ALH injectors and injector hold down brackets. Located in IN/IL area. $140 obo shipped for the injectors and $40 obo shipped for the hold down brackets.
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    Central Florida (Orlando)

    Anyone close to or in central Florida? Would love hanging out with other members.
  17. papasmurf

    white mk4 jetta Orlando

    Saw a white mk4 jetta getting on the 417 about a month ago in Orlando and today leaving advance auto on hwy436 and aloma. Had a white diesel life sticker in the back window. Also, sounded like it may have had a mufflerectomy