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  1. Bob_Fout

    Colt Stage 2 ALH Camshaft - NEW

    I am selling a new Colt Stage 2 cam for the ALH. Bought it April of 2014 from TDI Racing (Oliver) with plans of putting it in my Jetta to compare with the Franko6 stage 2 cam that's in there. I never did. And now with the GTI I don't drive the Jetta much anymore. Asking what I paid for it, $350...
  2. Bob_Fout

    Rotella T6 5w40 - PQIA results

    The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) finally tested a 5w40. Happened to be Rotella T6 5w40. I can't say I'm impressed with the NOACK values for the three Rotella products tested. All HDEO results to date...
  3. Bob_Fout

    Mobil 1 5w50 and 15w50

    Scored some Mobil 1 5w50 and 15w50 at NAPA for $6/quart. Both are suitable for VE TDIs, and some gas engines.
  4. Bob_Fout

    Let's talk about cetane....again

    I learned a bit from these videos. Ford/Motorcraft - Why Diesel Cetane Booster Matters for Diesel Engines Lubrizol - Why Diesel Cetane Booster Matters for Diesel Engines
  5. Bob_Fout

    Test thread

    test test I need moved.
  6. Bob_Fout

    Mobil 1 ESP Formula M 5w40 - Discontinued

    Just a PSA for those who are using this oil. From the Mobil website: Discontinued - Mobil 1 ESP Formula M 5W-40 is being replaced by Mobil 1™ ESP X1 0W-30.
  7. Bob_Fout

    Group II/II+ base oils

    I am pretty amazed what today's Group II/II+ oils are doing. Regarding the VW PD TDI 505.01 test: and
  8. Bob_Fout

    Lubrizol - Winter Diesel Additives

    As we head into another cold spell... Lubrizol's other youtube videos:
  9. Bob_Fout

    DPF Ash Source

    Not what I expected... skip to 6:45 to 7:20
  10. Bob_Fout

    Redline 5w40 new formulation

    I posted this in my CJ-4 thread, but it'll probably do more good in its own thread. The latest formulation of Redline 5w40 no longer satisfies CJ-4 requirements [per the spec list and Dave at Redline]. Their 15w40 is the only CJ-4 offering remaining. The 'old' 5w40 [former CJ-4 rated] is now a...
  11. Bob_Fout

    API Base Oils

    For a while I was confused about the different oil base stocks. These helped me understand... kind of.
  12. Bob_Fout

    Why it's important to check your fluids correctly...

    Just a PSA for those new to TDIs, VWs or European cars. On a cold morning a few days ago, I decided to check my coolant and oil levels before heading out for the day. Was about about 20F ambient. Coolant showed a tad under full. It was full a few days ago when I checked it in the evening. Slow...
  13. Bob_Fout

    CR TDIs and Stanadyne

    Relatively new document from Stanadyne about usage in all diesel engines.
  14. Bob_Fout

    New Redline Euro Oils

    Seems Redline had a reformulation in conjunction with the release of two new oils: Euro 5w30 and Euro 5w40.
  15. Bob_Fout

    Chevron Delo 400LE 5w30 Synthetic

    Seems like everyone is going to xw30s... A new...
  16. Bob_Fout

    Castrol Edge 0w40 in the US

    Castrol Edge 0w40 is now available in the US. Appears to be at Advance Auto and Sam's Club, but others may have it or be able to get it. So far, I have not nailed down which PDS is for our flavor.
  17. Bob_Fout

    My 2003 Jetta TDI: The Hussy

    My Jetta TDI, Gretta, is quite the hussy. She's been serviced in 9 states! IL - O'Brien Automotive (dealer where she was purchased) WI - JasonTDI MO - Oilhammer OH - Growler KY - Paramedick TN - MF Auto NC - Turbinewhine IN - local shop for tire repair FL - Krout OH - Whitbread Who else has a...
  18. Bob_Fout

    Oil for sale

    Normally I would post these in two separate threads, but I see consolidated threads are requested. Schaeffer Supreme 9000 5w40 engine oil Joe Gibbs break-in oil Schaeffer Supreme 9000 5w40, 9 quarts, asking $60 (plus shipping, see note at bottom)...
  19. Bob_Fout

    Some Oil Porn

  20. Bob_Fout

    Wanted: Custom (Performance) ALH intake manifold

    Hoping someone has a Passenger Performance or Whitbread (or other custom performance ) ALH intake manifold laying around they'd want to sell...