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    I remember a while ago when I bought my skid plate from ID Parts there was some discussion about how useless they are if they're not thick enough, and I agree that it can't take a direct hit from a raised structure in the road or big boulder but it does offer some protection, which I just took a...

    AC troubleshooting 2003 JSW

    I'm fairly experienced, had ASE certifications at some point, AC license when R12 was impossible to get, but I have zero experience with newer cars, left the trade in 2001. 2003 Jetta Wagon, AC worked fine last year, pretty sure it was on couple weeks ago but it never really got warm outside...

    oil cap for ALH, where can I get one on a Sunday?? (in RI)

    Had one of those days, up since 6am, put in full day of work on a Saturday, another few hours taking care of things before I take off, decided to add the oil before I drive 3 hours to Maine but couldn't find any so I ran to Walmart a 9pm, apparently I removed the oil cap and left it under the...

    LB7 Duramax diagnostic

    Trying to find some help with diagnostic of CEL on LB7 Duramax, hope someone here is not only VW experienced Long story short, GF's truck, been in the family since new, well taken care off, suddenly stops dead on the road, gets towed and "diesel specialist" quotes her $4k for injectors, which is...

    2014 Jetta Crank position sensor?

    I have ALH so not my car, Asking for a friend who has a dead TDI, supposedly "engine speed sensor" assuming it's a crank sensor? Can it be done in a driveway? Someone was just telling me that transmission needs to come out... TIA

    Anyone know this genius?

    Tell him to stay home...

    Immobilizer pin, looking for local help in RI

    I want to program new keys, need pin for the dash... I got Windows laptop, cable (2) and the app, still no dice, probably doing something wrong. Hope someone local to me (RI area) has the set up to dump the eprom and pull the pin. Thanks

    Dismal MPG

    2003 ALH with 190k, new to me, so I never got a proper mileage reading due to failing battery and other issues. My first full tank after replacing a turbo (VNT17) was 39 mpg, this is going to ME and back on a highway. Had PP520 professionally installed, swapped loaner RC for Malone ECU, set...

    Does IQ number change when you change nozzles?

    Did pump reseal, set IQ around 4, car ran great, but I was only getting 500 miles on a tank, didn't think much of it, I have a loaner ECU from with RC tune and figured it was me enjoying the extra power a little too much, also unknown tune, not matched to my hardware. Chris swapped nozzles...
  10. MATPOC

    Water in the drivers footwell

    Left my car (2003 JSW) parked nose up the hill last night (steep driveway) it rained hard and in the morning I had water on the left foot well, under dash was wet just above the clutch pedal and towards the back (driver) Any ideas? Clogged drains? Don't think it's sunroof cause it was nose up...
  11. MATPOC

    Roof rack cross bars for 2003 Wagon

    Can't seem to find anything from VW, seems only option that does not stick out and loos lie an afterthought is Thule... Am I missing something? My Honda has factory load bars that fit in to the factory rack, assuming VW made something similar?
  12. MATPOC

    Radio upgrades for 2003 JSW with Monsoon

    I have two issues with stock radio: no bluetooth, so it's a pain to stream music or take calls, also ****ty FM reception, although it just may be antenna issue? I have some reservations about upgrading after I went with fancy touchscreen on my last car and that is why I don't have the car...
  13. MATPOC

    ALH pump leaking, fix of replace?

    Installed turbo last night, started the car and saw this, looks like it only leaks on start up because it was dry before I cranked it over. I was smelling it before but could not see because of the engine cover. I know there is a reseal kit for those pumps but I'm not sure what it actually...
  14. MATPOC

    Turbo Kaput? Should i upgrade?

    Decided to pull the turbo and clean vanes, but seems I have a bigger problem... It doesn't spin easily, but still overboosting due to stuck vanes. I know I can get just the center part for 350, but bolts are rusted and rounded, not sure I can take it apart Whole new turbo 550-750 reman or...
  15. MATPOC

    How do I know if my car already has a tune?

    Maybe a dumb question, please delete if it's been covered, but I'm wondering if my '03 JSW already has a tune? I'm 3d owner, friend just gave it to me because it needed bunch of things, didn't tell me much, just handed me 17 years worth of service records... Going through the car I found KII...
  16. MATPOC

    Tuning/chips advice, I know old topic...

    I'm new, yes I searched 15 year old topics full of dead links, looking for some more recent knowledge/experience I have a bone stock 2003 Jetta wagon ALH 5 speed, with 190k, looking for a mild tune that will improve power and driveability, not looking to break a bank. Probably will do...
  17. MATPOC

    2003 Jetta Wagon ALH power loss, Limp mode?

    Was getting on a highway, 4th gear, accelerating and it just lost power at 3,000 rpm, stopped accelerating, no smoke, no warning lights, just felt like I lost all boost, would not go past 70, but taking off and first maybe 1/3 pedal felt peppy like NA would, so I just drove it home Got this car...