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  1. Votblindub

    Running a fuel cooler on a ~215/400 car under daily use

    I wanted to ask the hivemind about fuel coolers. A little upfront info: I have a 2003 ALH powered car. The build is pretty stout and it's almost complete. One of the smaller details left is the fuel cooler. Currently, I do not have a fuel cooler installed. The two obvious options are the OEM...
  2. Votblindub

    03 ALH w/heavy mods shutting off at random(fuel cut suspected)

    Hi, guys. I can't figure out another issue, so I'm back to ask for the collective's thoughts on this one. The wagon(mod list in comments) starts up and runs, but it stops running. It has no check engine lights(somehow). It started and ran earlier, but it shut off after several seconds. I...
  3. Votblindub

    Fs: Kermatdi omi $135

    SOLD I have a KERMATDI OMI for sale. It's just the polished aluminum pipe for the MK4 platform. It has no welded flange or the welded PCV breather bung. I likely have the silicone elbow, but I am unsure of where it is at this moment. I believe they can also be purchased for rather cheap...
  4. Votblindub

    WTB GTB series turbo gasket

    Hi, guys. I need a GTB series gasket that goes between the turbo and the manifold. If anyone has one stateside, let me know please.
  5. Votblindub

    FS: ALH intake manifold

    SOLD SOLD SOLD UPDATE: it's a BRM. Sorry. Located in capital region NY. It's clean and in great shape. I'd like $125 plus actual shipping. Pick up is available, as well.
  6. Votblindub

    Help me pick an LSD for my wagon

    I am working(painfully slow) on my wagon. I have purchased a 6 speed manual(thank you, Ryan) for my car. The engine is also receiving upgrades for a bit more grunt. My main goal is to have a much more dynamic car that handles better, pulls harder and is generally more fun to drive than the stock...
  7. Votblindub

    WTB larger airbox

    I am in the process of building up my wagon and would like to find a larger airbox for it, since it will have a larger turbo. Anyone have a VR6/R32 airbox that would fit my MKIV Jetta? I'm located in upstate NY. Closer is better, but shipping is doable. Let me know what you have.
  8. Votblindub

    How much power you got?

    I want to know what you guys have. Use whatever car you prefer(daily, race, beater, project) just leave a comment on what you have. If you have more than one, tell us.
  9. Votblindub

    Gauging interest on W8 cluster

    Would anyone be interested in a Passat W8 cluster? I will post up pictures soon. Unknown miles, as it was bought for a spare for my dad's car, but we didn't use it. I think it can be adapted to use the screen and additional lights or if you want it for the gauge surrounds and spare parts...
  10. Votblindub

    Clutch for a higher HP ALH with a 6 speed behind it

    Hi, guys. I picked up a 6 speed trans for my ALH wagon build. I'd like to know if anyone has one with about 275hp/400tq or above ALH(preferably). I will most likely be purchasing a new clutch and having it rebuilt to hold more power for my application. I am pretty sure I know what I want, but...
  11. Votblindub

    Fuel cooler for upgraded ALH

    Background info: I am going to be shooting for a 235/375 for output on my ALH powered wagon. 1)Question for anyone around that output and high numbers guys, do you use a fuel cooler with your 11mm(or larger) injection pump? 2)Is it necessary? I'd like to build it so that it's a really reliable...
  12. Votblindub

    Did you upgrade to a fmic? How did you plumb yours?

    I purchased a fmic for my wagon. I am not sure on how to plumb it just yet. My goal is to be able to plumb it in such a way so that I could retain the space in the bottom outside grilles to fit OEM Hella foglights. The fmic I have has outlets on opposite sides, so the pipes will be on both...
  13. Votblindub

    Do you have non oem gears?

    I am thinking of swapping out my 5th gear in my wagon for a .658 or .681 Mainly looking for MKIV related input, but still want to get some feedback from those who have changed out their gears to a different ratio. Positive, negative, tips for me, anything
  14. Votblindub

    Let's see your FMIC ALH pipe routing

    How did you route your FMIC pipes? I am going to be adding a fmic to my alh powered wagon. I will be using a passenger side facing intake manifold. Post up some shots or parts list(if possible) of what you got when you routed your charge piping. TIA.
  15. Votblindub

    Got any tips for ALH dissasembly/reassembly for me?

    I'm going to be taking my ALH apart for upgrades. I know a bunch of you have done this during upgrades and repairs. What tips and tricks do you have for me? Anything and everything will help.
  16. Votblindub

    WTS Boost/EGR gauge combo

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I am selling a used VDO boost gauge and a used Autometer Pyro gauge w/probe. I'd MUCH rather prefer to sell them as a pair. The gauges have plain bulbs included, green/red caps, mounting bracket, some wiring, the egt gauge has the probe. The pyro has the instructions. Here is a...
  17. Votblindub

    Excessive wear on accessory belt

    Background: My belt snapped, I replaced it about 6 months ago. Now, the belt is looking pretty sorry. All the grooves inside have cracks that are spaced very close together. The belt looks really rough on the inside. The pulley seems to be fine(i replaced just the belt), it spins free and easy...
  18. Votblindub

    Is anyone going to Dubs On Defrost 04/19/15?

    I'm planning to go to D.O.D. this year. It will be at the Limerock Race Track in CT. I'm just looking to cruise down with more people or maybe meet up fellow TDI folks at the event. My plan is to get out at about 9am from the Albany/Saratoga area and head out nice and slow...
  19. Votblindub

    Is there a battery charger/minder/maintainer I can leave in permanently plugged in...

    Hi, guys! I am looking around for a simple battery charger/maintainer/trickle charger/minder type of a device that I can connect to my battery. I have a frostheater installed in my sedan and would like to add an oilpan heater and either a battery blanket/heater or a charger type device. The...
  20. Votblindub

    WTB: VNT 17/22 or 22 bits to make...

    I'm looking to purchase a complete VNT17/22 turbo for my ALH wagon. I'd prefer BNIB or VERY low miles, no leaks, no shaft play, no rebuilds. Big plus, if you have the adapter for it. The exhaust I'm planning will be a 3". The other option is if you have all the parts to make a VNT17(I will get...