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  1. greengeeker

    Head manufacturer?

    Anyone recognize who manufactures this head?
  2. greengeeker

    Pinnacle of their product lines?

    Best in terms of longevity, simplicity, efficiency...
  3. greengeeker

    CKRA tensioner question

    hey guys. This one has been bothering me for a while... How on earth is the OEM CKRA tensioner actually tensioned? Look tang!
  4. greengeeker

    8v Exhaust manifold

    Gents, can you please let me know if an 8v exhaust manifold exists with the exit port situated between cylinders 3 & 4? Everything I'm finding is situated between cylinders 2 & 3. Tape measure shows approximate center of turbo inlet. Closest I can find is this guy: Any thoughts?
  5. greengeeker

    An actual vr6 TDI!

    Not sure if this has been around the interwebs but found this guy interesting.
  6. greengeeker

    Prices are coming down

    Been watching and the A8's are starting to drop into the low $20k range....A6s even in the mid to low teens. And for fun I keep an eye on where you can pick up a v10 Phaeton for <$3k and even the V12 Q7s are around $25k. No, they can't be imported but they certainly can make their...
  7. greengeeker

    A8 TDI buyback status?

    Sorry for the absolutely uninformed question.... What is the status on the Audi A7, A8 dieselgate situation? Were most of the cars bought back? Is VWAG sitting on a bunch ready to flood the used car market...thereby dropping prices notably? ;) TIA
  8. greengeeker

    Wtb: Dpf

    Looking for a non-cracked DPF. Lemme know. TIA NIck
  9. greengeeker

    WTB: OEM Passat wheels B5.5

    Looking to get some OEM wheels for our newly acquired Passat wagon. Prefer 15" aluminum. TIA
  10. greengeeker

    Don't know how we missed this
  11. greengeeker

    TDI Values post dieselgate

    So this is probably a different sort of thread compared to all the others in this subforum... As an outside observer of dieselgate (and avid TDI lover) I'm curious what will happen to used TDI prices post dieselgate. It seems most owners will take the buy back option and if VW does indeed...
  12. greengeeker

    Favorite restaurant in Boston?

    Hi guys. Looking for some advice on restaurants in the greater Boston area. We're adventurous eaters and really enjoy sampling local cuisines so anything is fair game. We've never had fresh lobster so we have to hit up at least one good seafood joint. 10 year anniversary road trip and I want...
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    Favorite restaurant in Toronto/Miss/Hamilton?

    Hi guys. Looking for some advice on restaurants in the greater Toronto area. We're adventurous eaters and really enjoy sampling local cuisines so anything is fair game. 10 year anniversary road trip and I want to show the Mrs a good time. TIA. :)
  14. greengeeker

    ABS logging issues with VCDS

    I'll have to come back with more details later but I seem to be running into issues trying to log measuring blocks in the ABS module of a BRM. I've tried stopping all the background processes running on my computer (FAQ Entry 2.5) and have even tried a completely different computer with the...
  15. greengeeker

    How To: Donor harness removal

    I thought I'd do a series of videos showing how to remove the necessary harness from a donor swap car. Here is part 1 of the series where I explain the general locations of components and the routing of the engine harness: Here is part 2 showing the harness...
  16. greengeeker

    5000 HP worth of turbos

    Yes, they all come on one engine. Yes, the "cold" side does get that hot (hot enough to glow!).
  17. greengeeker

    Eurovan sliding door won't latch

    For the past two winters we've been dealing with a sliding door that intermittently won't latch. It would typically latch after repeatedly slamming the door closed but sometimes even that wouldn't do the job. We'll I'm ashamed to say that I put off this 5min fix for well over a year...don't...
  18. greengeeker

    ALH misfire

    1999.5 Golf, ALH, 02j, 234k miles Symptoms: Car idles beautifully but will start to misfire when rpms are ~1500rpm and misfiring very badly at ~2000rpm. Unburned fuel (smoke) is pouring out of the tailpipe during the misfire. No codes present. History: Customer took car to a local shop...
  19. greengeeker

    Any bets on imminent failure?

    Not an if but a when this chinese tensioner will let go? Local shop. Charges more than what I do. Replaces belt and tensioner only. Mark and pray. Timing WAY off. Sad.
  20. greengeeker

    FS 2002 Jetta, auto, 251k (MN)

    SOLD 2002 Jetta, TDi (ALH), Automatic (01m), 251,000 miles. TDICLUB-member owned/loved. Has every option installed that was available at the time plus some mods to improve on the car even further: Rocketchip Stage 2 tune, PP357 nozzles, Panzer plate, Frostheater, Monster mats, window tint...