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  1. ibanix

    White smoke, when engine cold

    Hi folks! After several years without a TDI, I picked up an '03 Jetta in rough shape. My current issue is a fairly large amount of white smoke when the engine is cold. Here's what I can tell you about the issue: * The smoke goes away when the car is at normal operating temperature * It...
  2. ibanix

    Where to find trusted mechanic?

    Is there a list of trusted TDI mechanics, regionally? Thanks, Joshua
  3. ibanix

    Looking for trusted TDI mechanic, CT

    Hi, I picked up a used '03 Jetta TDI, and I'm looking for a known/trusted mechanic who can give it a complete inspection, top to bottom. The vehicle has been sitting for ~2 years without use. I live in Connecticut, but I can get to most of Mass and some of eastern NY. Thanks! -Joshua
  4. ibanix

    FS: Smoked Projector Dual CCFL Angel Eye Headlights

    [Sold] FS: Smoked Projector Dual CCFL Angel Eye Headlights See for pictures and full details. These are replacement HELIX european-style headlight housings for Mk4 Jetta/Bora vehicles. They are COMPLETELY UNUSED...
  5. ibanix

    FS: ECU for 02/03 ALH w/ immo delete

    For sale is an ECU for 02/03 ALH engines. This ECU was purchased from vendor vwmikel ( on 9/28/08 and was never used. It is a "FD" ECU that was recoded to a "GN" ECU to work correctly with 03 and up glow plug wiring. The model number is 038906012GN. The immobilizer function was...
  6. ibanix

    FS - KEY-USB interface for VAGCOM

    Sold, thanks to all. I have for sale, a working KEY-USB interface for the VAG-COM software suite. VAG-COM is FREE if you have a working interface like this. Specifics: A Dual-K VAG-COM KC152846 Rev. C Works with any 1999-2005.5 Jetta, and a...
  7. ibanix

    Jump Start issue

    Hey folks. Long time no-see. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my TDI has been sitting for several months. I was running it at least once a month, but **** happened and I forgot. Now the battery is dead. I tried to jump off the 2.3L Saab we have, but despite a solid 30 minutes of...
  8. ibanix

    FS: Intake manifold, ALH stock

    [sold] FS: Intake manifold, ALH stock Good ALH manifold, cleaned recently, from a 03 ALH engine. $65+shipping or best offer.
  9. ibanix

    FS: Stock Airbox ALH

    [sold] FS: Stock Airbox ALH Stock airbox from a 2003 Jetta 5spd (ALH engine). $50+shipping or best offer.
  10. ibanix

    FS: DevilsOwn WI Pump, Nozzles

    [sold] FS: DevilsOwn WI Pump, Nozzles I've got a pump and two nozzles (D04 and D08), plus one Y-fitting, leftover from my time using the DevilsOwn kit. Good if you want to get into this for cheaper - go get the rest from the DO's site! $75 plus shipping. (sorry for upside-down picture) :o
  11. ibanix

    Fs: Vr6 maf + maf housing $75

    I have a 2001 VR6 MAF housing with the VR6 MAF. In perfect working condition. $75 + shipping to your location.
  12. ibanix

    CT Emissions Testing

    So I moved (back) to Connecticut from California, and my registration runs out in December. Can anyone living in CT with a TDI tell me what was involved in the emissions testing? I'd like to be prepared. Thanks! -Joshua
  13. ibanix

    Transmission replacement How-To?

    Is there a How-To guide for transmission replacement for A4-series 5-speed ? In particular, I'm looking for any special tools that are needed... Thanks! -Joshua
  14. ibanix

    Looking for good VW mechanic in CT

    Hi all, So my transmission blew up and I have another one arriving soon. I need to find someone trusted to do the swap. I'm in the northwest section of CT, but I can travel somewhat. Who do you CT folks use?
  15. ibanix

    My 5-speed is now a 3-speed.

    Hello all. I've been off the forums for a long time due to lots of life issues - divorce, and moved cross country (I'm in Connecticut now). Last August my TDI (see details in sig) lost 5th gear; no engagement on shifter and no gear engagement. Behaved as if in neutral. I did an adjustment on...
  16. ibanix

    Lost 5th gear!

    Was merging on the freeway today - WOT into 3rd, then 4th, then 5th... and on shifting up to 5th I instantly hit redline. 5th gear is no where to be found, attempts to shift into it act as if I was in neutral. All other gears work fine. Now, when I got my clutch put in 15-20k mi back, shifting...
  17. ibanix

    AC recharge help

    Hey folks, My AC lost it's mojo - no more cold air - a few weeks ago. I'm assuming it just needs a recharge, so perhaps you folks can help with a few questions: 1) How do I confirm it needs a recharge and isn't the AC unit gone bad? 2) What's the DIY process for recharging the AC? What tools...
  18. ibanix

    Battery suggestion: Run a second battery

    Thankfully I'm not in some of these extremely cold areas. For those of you having hard start / no start issues in the bitter cold, what about a second battery, trunk-mounted, running in parallel with the regular battery? This should provide enough juice to get the engine turned over. You'd...
  19. ibanix

    Doh! A Deer! (yes, a female deer)

    Hit a small deer on the way home from the stable where my wife keeps her horse. Dark, very narrow roads, trees right on edge of road - perfect setup. Was going about 30mph, deer runs right out in front. No time - hit the deer as foot got to the brake. Surprisingly minimal damage. Deer hit the...
  20. ibanix

    BMW X3/X5 diesels

    According to my local radio station, the BMW dealership(s) here now have diesel X3 and X5s in stock. I'm not really a fan of those body styles, but if you needed a kid-and-**** hauler with some good mpgs, and wanted nice style, and good mpg....