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    Rip dzldub

    Glad to see my 2005.5 going to a good home. She has served out family well. I still have my 2010 Jetta 4-Motion beast.... But as we all know... everything is for sale. :-)
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    Oldest swappable VW part?

    On the Ford Crown Victoria, there were some front suspension parts that had part numbers of B9AC or 1959...
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    CANCELLED Impex TDI Fest: Saturday, May 21st, 2016

    Hoping to be there with my latest creation... (evil laugh)
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    FS/FT: TDI 02M 6-speed gear set trans code FMH

    Czech your PM's... I sent you one....
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    FS: (4) CJAA Glow plugs with Pressure Sensor

    Sold to the man with the purple suspenders and mauve tank top...
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    FS: CJAA Wiring harness for Manual Transmission

    I have a complete engine wiring harness for a CJAA with a manual transmission. from 2010 Jetta Sedan. $50 shipped
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    FS: (4) CJAA Glow plugs with Pressure Sensor

    I have a set of (4) Glow plugs from my 2010 Jetta with the CJAA motor. As I am converting my motor over to the 170HP CR CEGA motor I needed to replace them with Non-Pressure sensor glow plugs. They are in great shape. I know they are stupid expensive if you have one fail and need to replace...
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    TDI Conversion project success stories (short please)

    2001 Passat Wagon 4-Motion Automatic 2.8V6 Gasser... Converted to 2001 Passat 4-Motion 6-Speed Manual, V6 TDI... SVTWEB's B5 V6 TDI AWD: Kick off: 1/31/2004: 4/10/2004...
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    Something wicked this way comes......

    @Cevans..... You should know about this project.. I just bought the PD170 Turbo from you for the CEGA engine that I am installing.....
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    FS: CJAA CR140 Turbo

    Reused it on the new motor...
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    Something wicked this way comes......

    And the wizard is working his magic once again....... CEGA....... 4Motion....... EDC...... More to come.........
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    FS: CJAA CR140 Turbo

    Converting my CJAA over to a CEGA and have the stock turbo. 103K miles, Always Synthetic oil, no problems at all. $500.
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    FS: Mk6 Sport Steering wheel/Silver Stitching/DSG

    And that quick it is gone... thanks!
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    Operation Installation is COMPLETED. 7/9/2004

    But now I have a 2010 Jetta.. the Mk5 with all the brains of a Mk6.... [Evil Laugh].... And the process starts all over again....
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    FS: Mk6 Sport Steering wheel/Silver Stitching/DSG

    I have a Mk6 Steering wheel with Airbag, slightly used. Silver stitching, DSG Paddles and harness. Very clean condition as it all of my stuff. Bought a 2010 6-speed and need to get one that isn't for a DSG. $350 I have pictures on request. Here is a pic that I swiped from the site I purchased...
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    DSG Rattle

    +1 on Windjammer.... If you fixed the back half of the engine (DMF) the rattle is coming from the alternator pulley.....
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    FS: (4) 150PD Injectors used

    SOLD - Thanks to all for asking.
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    Mk5 Jetta GLI Leather Seats

    $500... Need the room... Heated with power Lumbar... winter's coming...
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    FS: Full MFA Red Pixel Cluster for Mk5 TDI. 0 Miles

    312,000 Package 0 and Package 1 TDI's and no one wants a Full MFA Cluster?