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  1. noplug

    FS 2003 TDI Jetta 5 Speed Manual in Maryland

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!!! I am selling my beloved 2003 Blue 5 Speed manual Jetta here in S. Maryland. (I just bought a 2015 Jetta TDI SEL 6 Speed Manual) She has 418,000 miles, well maintained but well used The Good: Always professionally maintained by Oliver (TdiRacing) with top line Amsoil or...
  2. noplug

    Set of 4 TSW 19" Wheels W/BFG KDW's DC area!!

    SOLD!!!! Today a happy buyer got the wheels, thanks for the interest!:D:D:D:D:D:D (I posted these wrong the first time and you can't change the listing header) The wheel size is 19 X 8" with an ET of 35 and 5 X 100 pattern, Tires are 235/35/ZR19 This set of 4 19" TSW Thruxton wheels come with...
  3. noplug

    FS 4X100 19" TSW Thruxton WHLS W/KDW Tires

    FS (Correction)5X100 19" TSW Thruxton WHLS W/KDW Tires SOLD!!!! Today a happy buyer got the wheels, thanks for the interest!:D:D:D:D:D:D Price lowered to $500!!!! I need to move these out!!
  4. noplug

    2003 Jetta Creaking on accel. and braking

    I think my dogbone may need replacement. On acceleration and braking I get a four or five creak-creak-creak noise from the engine bay for the last couple of weeks. I have a panzer plate and didn't want to drop it yet if it's something besides motor or trans mounts. The noise does not happen...
  5. noplug

    Jetta/Golf Cold Front F/S

    SOLD! PENDING PAYMENT I have a 1/2 new 1/2 used cold front for sale that fits Jetta 1999.5-2005 and Golf 199.5-2006. The lower section has been used for about 1 month and works great, I'm taking it off now and washing it. The tops are brand new. I have an Ottenger Grill now and the tops don't...
  6. noplug

    Need Negative battery clamp 'T' bolt, broke mine!

    I sheared my negative battery clamp bolt on my 2003 Jetta and it's a non-standard looking 'T' style bolt. The Stealer wants to sell me a whole new cable for big bux and all I want is the bolt for now. Any help???:confused: Thanks!! Noplug
  7. noplug

    FS:ALH EGR Cooler + all hoses & pipes

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! Complete EGR cooler + all hoses and pipes from 2003 5M Jetta MK4 No leaks at all. OE VW cooler. Asking $80. plus shipping
  8. noplug

    G60 Flywheel: which engines had the stock 22lb one?

    Disregard this post looks like I found one off a 1992 2.0 Passat locally!! Thanks for looking!! I'm searching junkyards for a used G60 singgle mass flywheel (22lbs.). Which cars besides 1996-1999 TDI Passats and VR6 Corrado's had this flywheel?? Thanks! NoPlug
  9. noplug

    WTB stock 22lb. SMF G60 flywheel for ALH

    Disregard, looks like I got one from junkyard for $75. shipped from '92 2.0 Passat!! Hi Guys, Stock clutch starting to slip I'm looking for a used or cheap new G60 22lb. Single Mass stock flywheel to pair up with a SACHS 228MM stock VR6 clutch and pressure plate. I'd also be interested if...
  10. noplug

    WTB (4) 205/55R16 tires DC Area Preferred

    Hi! I need (4) take-off or slightly used 205/55R16 tires for my Jetta. I prefer pickup in the DC area but will drive up to 2 hours from here for a good deal. Thanks!:D
  11. noplug

    Stock A4 DMF/clutch holding power??

    I'm wondering what the stock dual mass flywheel/clutch combo's torque holding power is for a 2003 ALH? I just want a reference point to compare to the specs. noted for upgraded clutches. Thanks!
  12. noplug

    Got RC2 on my '03, am really happy!!

    I had a 2000 with low miles when I first joined here and Jeff put RC3+euro on it I only had a VR6 clutch, boostvalve, and sprint 520's on it but it was great and I lost it in my divorce.......Very, Very Sad!!!!:( :( Spring forward 2+ years I found a nice '03 with 255K Mi. on it, a southern...
  13. noplug

    Belly Pan + Fasteners FS From 2003Jetta 5 Sp.

    SOLD!!! Thanks All!:D I have puchased a panzer plate and need to sell this belly pan. It came off my 2003 Jetta GL 5 speed. This sale includes a fastener kit from TDIPARTS as well as a DRIVER'S side skirt. Be aware I DO NOT HAVE PASSENGER SIDE SKIRT, sorry I was not sure which was which untill...
  14. noplug

    Need Help is this correct Belly Pan#??

    Hey guys! Tried to install this bellypan on my 2003 ALH GL jetta today and it didn't go too well. The mounting points towards the rear did not line up well enough to attach it properly. Anyone know if this one is a 'PD' pan? Just bought the car 1 mo. ago and was given this pan in the trunk. Yes...
  15. noplug

    Anyone fix a flaky fuel gauge????

    Just bought a beautiful 2003 Jetta with high miles (254000) but got a good deal at 4K and the fuel gauge is really wacky. Previous owner had car about 1 year and says it always did this: Gauge will read full untill about 400 highway miles on odo then swings down to anywhere between 1/2 to 3/8...
  16. Noplug\'s BlwByYou TDI Jetta

    Noplug\'s BlwByYou TDI Jetta

    The moment I bought her Jan 20, 2010 in Charlotte Nc.
  17. noplug

    Brake lights no workie!!

    Checked the fuses and are fine! Do the pedal switches go bad often?? Thanks and appreciate any ideas!! Todd in Md
  18. noplug

    What does your 'FAST' make you do???

    Since my 'FAST' makes me do stupid stuff once in a while, I hope I have this kind of luck if I get caught!! What does your 'FAST' make you do?? Link to 'Fast' factoid blog Todd:D :D
  19. noplug

    Don't let this happen to you!!!!!

    TDIRacing and I swapped out my original dual mass flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, and throw out bearing last night. My 2000 TDI has RC2 and sprint 520's installed by jeff since 60K and I have 72K on her now and I was appalled at the condition of the original setup! The pictures tell all...
  20. noplug

    Clutch Replacement Needed in Mid Atlantic

    I live in the DC area and need a shop/mechanic to replace my stock dual mass clutch with my G-60 flywheel, stock Sachs VR6 clutch and pressure plate.;) I have the parts, just need a good mechanic to do the job for a decent price.:D I'll be willing to drive up to 100 miles away or so if...