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    No power :(

    Hello! Yesterday I received a custom 'Stage 1' Tune and has woken up the engine but STILL is very underpowered. The main question I have is if my speculations are correct on the problem I believe is causing it or any feedback you guys might have to be causing the problem. The engine seems...
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    My VNT15...

    So I am experiencing a vacuum leak according to VAGCOM, but pretty much replaced all the hoses except the long one that leads to the turbo. I do have a loss in power yet I can hear the turbo spooling. My mechanic tells me its vanes are sticky or something is seized (..?) but my question is to...
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    GTG @ cars and coffee?

    So Engineered Automotive is hosting another Cars and Coffee event! This is happening on June 3rd from 8-11 AM, at their location, 355 Confederation Parkway, Concord. I was wondering if you all wanted to meet up and show off how clean (or dirty ;) ) your TDI is, or even what mods! I am...
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    My ALH New Beetle 5 Speed

    Hey all! Long time lurker but what the heck I'll post about my Beetle. It's a 2001 and it's my first car which I believe is awesome considering I'm only 19! Bought it from my dad who owned it for 15 years so I grew up in the bug. As a first car I love it, cheap and fun to drive with the...
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    (Quick Question) How much is boost is the stock turbo making?

    I have a New Beetle, 2001 and always wondered how much boost it's running. I believe the engine code is ALH, and thank you! Damjan.