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    No more Golfs or Sportwagons I haven't seen this reported here, but VW is considering retaining only GTIs and Rs, dropping Golfs and Sportwagons. If this becomes fact, there will be nothing in VWs stable that will interest me. Say it ain't so.
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    Considering future BHW wagon replacement

    I am trying to prepare for the day when my Passat wagon needs to be retired, which could happen tomorrow or several years down the road. Near term I would consider a 15 GSW S to avoid the pano. Next option to consider is the 19 GSW S either auto or 6m, to avoid the 1.8t. Cloth seats in base seem...
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    How to remove old 3m clear bra

    The clear bra on my 05 Passat is in sad shape. Is there an effective means to remove without damaging the paint or taking great effort?
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    WTB wiper transmission and rain tray B5.5

    6 months ago, I had my windshield replaced. Afterward, I noticed that they cracked the rain tray- oh well. Recently, I noticed that the cap was gone, covering the passenger side wiper arm nut- and there was no nut. Apparently, the shop also twisted off the post that holds the wiper arm. Unless...
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    124 Diesel wagon/ebay

    To my knowledge, this appears to be a rare car:
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    FS-03 Jetta Wagon 5M Missouri- nice mods

    GLS, 5 speed,sunroof, heated seats, no esp This has been the best car that I have ever owned. I am acquiring an unchained B5.5- the better half is disabled and has trouble getting in and out of my car. I have cared for this car the best that I knew how. Myself and KCTDI are the only hands that...
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    gasser/lawn mower oil deal

    Walmart has 5qt jugs of Pennzoil synthetic for $20 w/ mail in for $15 Walmart gift card- limit 2/household. Seems like a good deal, if you have any need for gasser oil.
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    HID power

    I just installed a lovely set of bixenon hids on my '03JW. They were obtained here They were slightly different than those displayed on the website in that mine don't have ballast wires coming out the back. Mine have integrated ballasts. Since I had...
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    '91 350 SDL in KCMO

    I have a friend in the Kansas City area, who is looking to sell a '91 350 SDL w/ 140k. He has too many cars. I can PM a contact # if you have an interest.
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    Airbag MIL

    A coworker has a NB 2.0. Airbag light is on. When I try to log in w/ vagcom, I get a message that there are too many communication errors to procede. If I open up the window for airbags w/o logging in, I get the warning maessage about proceeding any further. Anyone have suggestions?
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    Anyone reactivate EGR for better mpg?

    I have an SRP and an inactive egr+ RC2 and b203s. I average about 42mpg in my '03 JW-5M. I was wondering if anyone has had an improvement in FE by reverting back to standard egr operation? Now that we have ULSD, I assume intake clogging is no longer an issue.
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    Door lock gremlins

    I'm randomly having issues with both the passenger or driver's door locks, either not locking with the key fob or not unlocking. So far it effects only 1 door at a time and somewhat infrequent as of now. I suspect both door lock mechanisms are failing? Another interesting issue. I have the KVM...
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    passenger door not locking w/ fob

    I have an '03 JW. Intermittantly, the passenger door is not locking with the key fob. My car is set up for 1 beep to lock and 2 to unlock all doors. When the passenger door fails to lock, it doesn't beep, but the alarm indicator on the driver's door is activated. Passenger door so far unlocks...
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    Cheap oil pan protector

    This winter is the first time that I have had concerns about the integrity of my oil pan. We have had a lot of ice so far and my belly pan has taken quite a few shots. What I did was cut up an old 1/2" nylon cutting board and screwed it to the engine side of the belly pan under the oil pan. The...
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    Anyone transfer GTI/R seat covers to wagon?

    I am considering the feasibility of having an upholstery shop transfer leather GTI rear seat cushions and covers to the frames on my Jetta wagon. Is this doable? Initially, I had hoped that Golf seats were a direct replacement for JW seats, but they are not. The seat bottom support and back...
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    Will golf back seat fit Jetta wagon?

    I would think that it would be the same, but I haven't examined a Golf back seat.
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    One annoying rattle solved

    I have an '03 wagon that has had an annoying "sunroof" vbration or rattle when accelerating from low rpms. I finally figured out that it was the sunroof emergency crank vibrating in the overhead console. I stuffed some kleenex under the ends of the crank and replaced the cover- one down.
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    Will Audi A4 seats fit VW A4?

    The stock VW A4 seats are lacking in the comfort department, but I am not willing to give up heated seats. Does anyone know if the Audi A4 seats are a direct fit and more importantly are they better than the VW seats- the lumbar support is abysmal.
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    '06 GLI seats

    Does anyone know if these are heated and will they fit an A4 Jetta wagon?
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    Oregon proposal:Tax miles vs gallons

    Gas tax on miles, not gallons, tested PORTLAND, Ore., March 25 (UPI) -- Oregon is testing the idea of collecting highway funds through a tax on miles driven, rather than gasoline consumed. Eighty percent of Oregon's highway money comes from its 24-cents-per-gallon gas tax. If the state...