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    WTB - Intake Manifold

    Looking for an Intake Manifold for my 2002 Jetta.
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    VW power trike

    I came across this while on Ebay this afternoon. A handbuilt trike using an '80's vintage VW diesel engine. Here is link.;category=6719 Does this give anyone ideas for a spring project?
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    Intake Cleaning - Minnesota

    Looking for someplace to take '02 Jetta to get Intake Cleaned near Twin Cities. Would take to a GTG but had ByPass surgery in late August and still on physical restrictions. So I can't do any of the work.
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    Have I lost VW?

    My unfortunate odessey started back in January. My family was on the way to Church. As we made a lefthand turn by the Church we were struck in the left rear by a truck that was attempting to pass us. Car spun 280 degrees. Front end struck a sign post on the side of the road. It came to rest just...
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    Minnesota - Maintenance and parts

    Since warmer is here I thought I would start changing the oil and such on my new Jetta. But have been having problems getting parts outside of the dealership. No one can get the cabin filter. The parts stores can get the oil filter but don't carry it in the store and the only place I have found...