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  1. kcdt58

    SOLD!!! VNT17 EGR Pipe - FREE

    Replaced my VNT17 and pulled this pipe off with it. No cracks. Photos: $25 shipped in the upper 48.
  2. kcdt58

    Smart Actuator for VNT17 - $60 Shipped

    I bought this from Kermi TDI on 9/16 and it was used for 3 weeks until I pulled the turbo off because it was the issue, not the actuator. I paid $110 fro Kerma. Photos: $70 shipped in the upper 48.
  3. kcdt58

    SOLD! FS: VNT17 (needs repair) - $100

    SOLD Hey guys, I replaced the turbo on my Golf and this VNT17 is what I pulled off. Based on PO receipts it has 95k miles on it. Looks like it sucked something through and messed up the exhaust impeller, otherwise shaft feels decent. It still has the actuator on it. Vanes aren't as free as...
  4. kcdt58

    *NO LONGER AVAILABLE* FS: 2006 Golf TDI - Taylorsville, NC - $1900

    2006 Golf TDI. Has the BEW engine with a 5 speed tiptronic transmission. 199,504 miles and car will sit until it is sold. Currently as it sits it needs a turbo. When I bought it the car was throwing an underboost code and I believe I have fixed that issue (N75 valve and new vacuum lines). It...
  5. kcdt58

    01M to 5 speed swap in North Carolina

    I've dug for quite some time tonight, but no luck. I'm on the search for someone in North Carolina that is experienced in 01M to 5 speed swaps. My TDI with the 01M has 201k miles on it and still shifting fine (for now), but I'm wanting to swap in a 5 speed. At this point I do not have any of the...
  6. kcdt58

    WTB: MKIV Jetta Glove Box Beige

    Hi All, I'm not having luck finding a beige glove box for my 02 Jetta locally, so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone has one they would like to sell. I don't really care about the condition as long as it's functional. I'm located in Hickory, NC. Thanks in advance! Phil