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  1. Parva

    Red Aluminum Start Button Switch 2013 Beetle

    So, I got the idea to replace (cover) the factory silver push button start/stop switch and it's black circular trim. Apparently, all the ones I've found so far are all too small. I see lots of examples listed on eBay & Amazon & AliExpress but they all appear to be the wrong size -- too small or...
  2. Parva

    Homelink & the JSW ?

    Have already done lots of reading on the subject of adding a homelink transmitter... One of things that appears to be missing is discussion of an installation of a Homelink Transmitter that supports Rolling Codes -- readily available on eBay...
  3. Parva

    JSW Tdi MPG on a Road-trip?

    So far, after ~ 1600 miles on my '10 JSW Tdi, I'm seeing well-under 32 mpg. Not surprising in that the miles are overwhelmingly (90%+) stop & go, local, long stop lights, suburban driving. Of note... 17" wheels/42 psi tires // DSG Yesterday, did an 85 mile round-trip down i95. About 76 of those...
  4. Parva

    Meet BluBell, my brand spankin' new '10 JSW

    Just over 24 hours since she came home... Lots of reading here, including the Proper Break-In Thanks guys!