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  1. gmcjetpilot

    Can you route wires from rear hatch through headliner to front windsheild?

    I am installing a dash cam 2 channel and need to figure out a shorter route then along the door sills. Any suggestions on how to safely and cleanly go under headliner?
  2. gmcjetpilot

    Has Anyone Used Their Post Mod Warranty - What Will You Do Once Warranty Expires

    I had my Mod done March 2018. My warranty expires March 2022. Post emissions modified (older TDI) vehicles get .... get 4 year/48,000 mile emissions warranty from date of modification. Emissions warranty covers anything the emissions system affected. Has anyone made a claim for this Post Mod...
  3. gmcjetpilot

    TPS Tire Pressure Sensor - Brand and Supplier and Prices

    It's time for a tire change and I'm going to put a new tire pressure sensors. Can anybody direct me to a good brand and dealer to buy them from. I also probably should replace the seal kits. I checked online the sensors run about $35-$40 each (but some well overvf100 each). I see Siemens is one...
  4. gmcjetpilot

    Can you Flush and Refill All Coolant from 2010 TDI CJAA Without Removing Hoses?

    So I had my system flushed. I was going to do it myself as I do all my routine maintenance (oil filter changes, engine, DSG, fuel, air), but this looked like a big PIA. I picked it up and it had purple pink stuff in reservoir. So far so good. The price was higher than expected. Don't care as...
  5. gmcjetpilot

    USED Values are insainly LOW

    WHAT THE HECK Happened to use price values last 2 years? Does anyone know what happened in last 2 years? I think it's BS. I have not looked at value in a few years. The value of my 2010 TDI Sportwagen with 115,000 miles, very good to excellent condition is $3000 to $6000. Ha ha why. Not that...
  6. gmcjetpilot

    Pressure Sender Set of 4 - Where to Buy - OEM or Other

    I have 10 year old pressure senders and they work great but about to do a tire replacement. Any suggestions? Go to dealer? On line? OEM or after market? I love my pressure senders. They lasted 10 years and have got warnings a few warnings in 8 years due to low pressure (about 32 psi) due to...
  7. gmcjetpilot

    Michelin - Primacy™ MXM4 67,000 miles and Still Going

    EDIT: I LOST MY MIND.... I thought I had the Primacy on my car (because that is what I wrote in my maintenance log book). Well I looked at them. They are Michelin Pilot Sport A/S +3 225/45ZR17 94Y..... However the mileage is correct. I just bought a new set of Pilot Sports same as what is on...
  8. gmcjetpilot

    Malone Tune 0.5 - Anyone?

    I love my post Mod Gen 1 TDI JSW.... I was hoping some folks had insight on the 0.5 tune (with DSG). Thanks CAN I RETURN the car to stock TUNE without any indication that it was tuned... (car's hardware is stock).
  9. gmcjetpilot

    Gen 1 POST MODIFICATION Observations

    I searched the threads and found nothing. Had my car modified about 3 months ago, but have driven it very little. I am doing some driving the last three days. I notice it seems to RE-GEN more often and for shorter time. It seems to have plenty of power and drives nice as usual. EGT in...
  10. gmcjetpilot

    DPF - How Hard Is It To Get Out?

    Does the DPF require you to drop the sub frame? I'm interested in a DIY project, and I need to get the DPF out. Not sure if I should just pay to have it done or DIY it.
  11. gmcjetpilot

    FlashZila - Can You School Me On Tunes

    FlashZilla - Can You School Me On Tunes II want to get a Flashzilla. I like the idea I can clone my ECU and if I get a tune, can revert back to stock. I believe the Flashzilla can do this, correct? I believe you can flash your own tune with a file from Malone, and you can make fine tuning to...
  12. gmcjetpilot

    Added Another Car to My 2010 JSW TDI - TESLA?

    I bought a 2015 Nissan Leaf SV, paid under $12,000. I love it. It will be a great commuter. I am still keeping the TDI... I have not had it fixed yet. I doubt I will sell it back, but I am waiting until next year closer to September 2018 to decide. Having a back up car will give me flexibility...
  13. gmcjetpilot

    How I Cleared My CEL or MIL For P2101 P0638

    Edit How I did NOT clear CEL/MIL - Still Issues after replacing 03G 128 063T I had these two faults (below) which triggered a flashing glow plug light (GP Lt) on occasion, once every 3-6 months. This has been going on for almost two years, only after a cold start. It would always reset once I...
  14. gmcjetpilot

    Wiring HELP - Westfalia VW Trailer Hitch

    Wiring HELP - Westfalia VW Trailer Hitch - PF Jones I am finishing the wiring and there is an extra connector (the white plug two wires, one ground. Did I get the wrong harness?
  15. gmcjetpilot

    How to Adjust Rear Camber and Toe VW Mk5 Mk6 Golf Jetta Sportwagen JSW

    I posted a few threads recently, installing new shocks and struts, new rear sway bar, and alignment results from commercial rack. I did not get the answer I wanted on rear alignment adjustment. I am posting to help benefit any what my research found, who cares to search these forums or google...
  16. gmcjetpilot

    Digital 4 Wheel Alignment - Help Help Me Interpreted & Correct

    Digital 4 Wheel Alignment - Help Me Interpreted & Correct Just put New Bilstein TC's all four corners and new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S +3's. Wheel Centered Drives like it's on rails straight. I wanted to check anyway. Local shop changed $30 to check. For fun I'll try some DIY methods for...
  17. gmcjetpilot

    Do You Need Re-Alignment after Changing Struts?

    Do I Need to Re-Align after Changing Struts (and rear shocks)? Reading the manual there are three adjustments: -Toe; -Camber; -Castor - Toe is adjustable, with tie rod end. The struts could have changed toe slightly? There is slight play in the lower ball joint to control arm. There is...
  18. gmcjetpilot

    HELP - Me Pick a Rear Sway Bar

    Looking for suggestions, advice, deals... I have researched this, and still don't know. Eibach 23mm; solid, adjustable, Mfg Part #: 8598.310 ($175) H&R 22mm or 24mm; solid, adjustable, Mfg Part #: 71750-22/-24 ($240-$300) Hotchkis (APR?) 24mm; hollow tube, two hole adjust, Mfg Part #...
  19. gmcjetpilot

    Battery Life Testing with Solar Analyzer WalMart Everl

    Battery Life Testing with Solar Analyzer WalMart EverStart When do you replace your battery? (See below) Well my 615CAA H6 sized Walmart EverStart gave me great service for 40 months. It was still working, but after two days of sitting, volts seemed to drop off fast to 12.07 volts (50%...
  20. gmcjetpilot

    NEED HELP - Remove JSW Cargo Compartment Interior

    OK I got a westfalia hitch and installed it. See link: Now to wire it. NEED HELP to get the side liner off. I am stuck... I have cargo floor out, rear seatback, door trim. I removed the three screws and one plastic clip for liner. Now what...