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    Speakers stop working..

    Wife informed me the speakers stopped working on the Passat on her commute, kinda of cutting out at first, then nothing. Tried a CD and nada. Any heads up where I can start looking or ideas? New sound system?
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    Coolant a bit low. 04 Passat TDI wagon.

    I noticed yesterday while checking the oil that the coolant was about 1/2" below the minimum level on the coolant reservoir. I've never noticed it being this low, generally it's been at the minimum level. I always check the driveway after the wife goes to work and never noticed any leakage...
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    Heater/Fan/Temp. Control light out.

    I noticed on the way to fuel up the 04.5 Passat this evening I couldn't see the controls for the heater and fan. I thought that was odd, or was it normal? :confused: The everyday driver, my wife, says it's been like that for a long time. I found an A4 thread about replacing the bulb under...
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    Drooling over the 2006 Passat TDI Wagon

    at the Copenhagen airport yesterday. Maybe it was an '07. I had my camera with me, but never thought about taking a snapshot. It was silver and I must say it looked better than I expected. I'd take one.:)
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    Windshield worky.

    I noticed today back from Turkey Day my squirters (windshield washers) are not working. At first, I thought I just forgot how to operate them, since my wife primarily drives the car, but she told me how and I had her confirm via the manual. Do you think it's a fuse? Where? I checked the fluid...
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    Sign of age? Passat not starting on first crank.

    Ok, I know this may sound a little petty, but I've noticed the past week the Passat has not started on the first turn of the key as it has (99%) the past 10 months of ownership, actually 4 out of 5 days. Of course, I blame my wife, but it happend to me 1 out 2 times this weekend. It's her...
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    Anybody pre-ordering the diesel Smart Car?

    I curious to find out how much the smart two diesel with go for?
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    Got Heating Oil? Free!

    Any Seattle-area tdier intersted in some #2 heating oil. Bought the house next door and it has about 100-200 gals of heating oil in the tank. Take the tank too, if you like. I'm going to pull the furnace out. Let me know. If I had an older diesel rig, I'd probably try burning it.
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    Anybody here know of a I just tried it and no luck. I was at Chaplin's VW in Bellevue, WA, this afternoon looking at a passat tdi when I started chatting with a salesman. I told him I drove to Dallas to pic up my passat wagon and I run it on biodiesel. He told me to watch out of the...
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    Front license plate screws?

    What type and size of screws you mounting your front plate with? Thought i'd use the two bottom from the back but way too big. Were they in the car? Now that my wife has finished her weekly commute, I may now get a chance to get to know this car. LOL. Got to attach the tdiclub frame.
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    Cnnfn story today on Biodiesel

    ..they usually rerun stories a few time throughout the day.
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    First coat of wax ...

    I put my first coat of wax on the tdi wagon this afternoon. I used the glanz wax for the first time, not bad. It doesn't seem to cake on the edges and black spots like paste wax. It was slightly easier to apply. I notice one paint flaw while I was waxing: looks like a speck of sand hit the...
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    AM Radio

    Is the am radio reception problem common in the 04 passat as it is with the 04 Jetta?
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    GL or GLS?

    I'm kind of mixed about which one I should choose between. The GL was built with the monsoon sterero, but also comes with the steel wheels/hubcaps, and no sunroof. I could always buy somebody's oem rims. The cost is probably 1400 or so less than the gls--that would afford me the...
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    2002 TDI Jetta GLS For sale

    There's a 2002 5 speed, gls, silver, jetta sedan for sale at a local volvo dealership in South Center, Tukwila, WA, for anyone that's interested. I've seen it there for a couple months now and would be all over it but my wife doesn't drive a stick. Only 7K miles and there asking just under...