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  1. jorioux

    [video] TDI V6 ticking noise

    I bought a liter of Power Service Diesel Kleen at Canadian Tire store, and poured the specified quantity in the tank and after consuming the whole tank, the ticking from the HPFP is almost gone. I will definitely pour some Diesel Kleen on a regular basis.
  2. jorioux

    Driver side door electrical issue

    What year ? VCDS usually shows that kind of electrical issues, have you done a scan with VCDS?
  3. jorioux

    [video] TDI V6 ticking noise

    The engine always starts right up, so that rules out the injectors. That means it would probably be the lifters. After changing oil to 0w40, I noticed less ticking noise, but it's still there. Should I use seafoam on the 3.0 TDI ?
  4. jorioux

    [video] TDI V6 ticking noise

    I'd like to know where this ticking is coming from, any ideas? 2013 Touareg TDI
  5. jorioux

    950 CCA diesel generator battery in my TDI ?

    Hey guys, I picked up a diesel generator 12v battery that needed to be replaced at work because there was a power cut and the battery voltage went down to ~3volts over a few days (we installed it last year so it's really only 1 year old) so I took it home and I'm charging it up tonight with a...
  6. jorioux

    Puzzling no start issue

    Chronological events: A few weeks ago, I had a no start issue (no cranking) on my 99.5 std (my daily commune car). The glow plugs worked, so relay 109 couldn't be the culprit. The problem was the braided wire on the starter (between the solenoid and the motor), it got fried. So I made a new...
  7. jorioux

    Broke brake line from MC to ABS

    Yesterday, I had to remove the Master Cylinder and the 2 hydraulic lines going from the MC to the ABS module twisted altogether with the threaded end. I finally ended up cutting the 2 lines to be able to remove them. I am considering fabricating my own brake line with a flare tool and bending...
  8. jorioux

    Engine won't start when using Frostheater

    When I use my Frostheater in the morning (I usually let it heat for 0.5 to 1 hour), the glow plugs won't stay on long enough when I start the car. I'd say they stay on the same time as if it were the summer, like if it thinks the engine is already all warmed up. The result is a no-start. The...
  9. jorioux

    Can't locate a real messy leak

    I've had this leak for more than a year now and I couldn't find where it's from. I already changed the oil pan gasket, but the leak is still occuring the exact same way as before. And also when I look at the oil dripping patterns it doesn't look like it's coming from an oil pan gasket leak. My...
  10. jorioux

    Radiator drain plug popped out on highway!

    I was driving home yesterday and I heard a loud POP coming from the engine, so I looked into the rearview mirror and I saw a part flying out altogether with fluid, then the coolant light (red) went off on the dashboard. I was 2-3 minutes to home, so I kept driving to home. After inspection, my...
  11. jorioux

    Injector seal

    One of my injectors (the second from the left when standing in front of the car) have an air leak. I am planning on changing the copper seal of that injector. Though, I ordered this IP seal kit last year because my IP was leaking diesel...
  12. jorioux

    Need advice on my MAF reading (VAGCOM)

    I noticed I suddently do a lot less MPG since its winter (I dropped from 50 mpg to 36 mpg), so im trying to find the cause. I started this journey by doing a MAF reading with VAGCOM. The engine is fully warmed, and I went up to 4th gear on high way and kept WOT on 4th gear from 2500 RPM to 3500...
  13. jorioux

    [video] ALH Rough idle, IQ jumping around

    A couple of months ago I noticed a rough idle with RPM jumping from ~880 to ~930, and IQ jumping from 6 to 8 (see video), but it was only occasional. But this week, whenever Im idling, its always rough! Except when I give a quick blip on the throttle, the idling returns to normal for a couple...
  14. jorioux

    Release belt tensioner to change alternator pulley

    I tried to find answer to my issue for hours but couldnt find anything! Here is the thing: I release the tension on the tensioner with a 17mm wrench to remove the belt. Now, with the belt removed, and still holding the 17mm wrench, if I let the tensioner go down slowly to remove the 17mm wrench...
  15. jorioux

    B100 (biodiesel) in my ALH ?

    I have a full stock ALH with 240k miles on it and I have a silly question. Can I put B100 straight into my fuel tank without any modifications whatsoever and hit the road? Also, besides the smell of french fries, what can I except in terms of mileage, power and smoke? Thank you
  16. jorioux

    Serp belt tensioner vibration at idle

    I have a concern on my 99.5 (380,000 km) My serpentine belt tensioner is vibrating a lot at idle, and when I rev up, the vibration stops. Here is the video: What does that mean?
  17. jorioux

    Steering wheel intermitent wobble

    I have a 99.5 and since I own the car I changed a bunch of suspension parts. Tie rods, bearing, ball joints, bushings, wheel balance. There is no play whatsoever on my wheels. Still though, recently, my steering wheel started to wobble intermitently but more and more frequently. I knew my front...
  18. jorioux

    Why would I do double clutching?

    I own a 99.5 Jetta TDI with 370,000 KM put on it. I heard that usually people do double clutching when downshifting, and still tho even for upshifting (??). Now I know what double clutching is, but before I ever heard about it, for downshifting I simply depress the clutch, do rev match, select...
  19. jorioux

    No dashboard lights, no crank

    [solved] No dashboard lights, no crank This afternoon I parked the car at home and I adjusted the steering wheel. After 5 minutes I went back into the car and tried to start it, but nothing happened, no crank, but the dashboard lights were on as usual. Then I thought maybe I moved a worn wire...
  20. jorioux

    Engine wobbling sound on 4th gear

    Engine humming goes "wa-wa-wa-..." on 4th gear This issue appeared last week and it seems to accentuate more and more. Everything is normal at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th gears, but as soon as I shift to 4th gear, the engine emits a wobbling sound. Then when I upshift to 5th gear it stops. Also when...