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  1. KraftwerkB6

    FS: MKV/MKVI JSW OEM Roof Racks/Bars

    For sale are my VW OEM roof rack/cross bars, has some bug juice on them but work as they should. Comes with the key(not pictured) Looking to get $250 Shipped for them. PayPal or Chase quick pay only. can meet if your close to Lexington Ky.
  2. KraftwerkB6

    FS: MK6 GTD flat bottom steering wheel

    Parted out the jsw and just came across my GTD steering wheel in a box in my closet. Its the same as a GTI but has black stitching instead of red and no GTI logo on bottom of it in chrome. Fits mkv/mkvi without issue all buttons and controls are working correctly, i plugged it into a car at work...
  3. KraftwerkB6

    FS: Part Out MKVI JSW Stuff

    I am parting out the JSW for the buyback, here is a list/photos of parts I have off the car and ready to be sold. All parts DO NOT include shipping. Payment ONLY Paypal or Cash. I am located in Lexington Ky. Willing to meet up in Louisville KY or Cincinnati Ohio for cash purchases depending...
  4. KraftwerkB6

    Newer pics of the JSW!

    A friend of mine took some pics for me yesterday and thought I would share. Its on H&R sport springs now, not Koni Coilovers, and its got a Golf R shifter because the leather on the stock one was all torn up per blueish pic.
  5. KraftwerkB6

    F/S Koni Coilovers

    Koni Coilovers with adjustable dampening for sale As-Is. They have 50k miles on them. They were on my mk6 jsw. Should fit mk5/6 without issues. Looking at $350 shipped. I'm in Ky 40515. PayPal or cash only please.
  6. KraftwerkB6

    FS: BBS CH Wheels

    BBS CH's in good condition. 19x8.5, et35, PFS centering rings for 57.1mm hub size, 5x112 bolt pattern. All four wheels are in good condition, no bends or cracks. Some small road nicks. One wheel has a small nick in the face. Shown in the pictures. Another wheel has a repair in the lip from PO...
  7. KraftwerkB6

    FS: TDI Oil and DSG Fluid.

    Mainly posting this because I'm headed down to SoWo this weekend (leaving friday, coming back sunday) I have TDI (gold bottle) Castrol Edge SAE 5W--30 oil about 40-50 bottles. asking $3 a bottle. Most are just left overs from oil changes added together to make a full bottle. Also have...
  8. KraftwerkB6

    Please be true!! fingers crossed. not sure if its been posted yet, but i really hope this is true and happens. :D if it has sorry, but i got this texted to me this morning and in an email 6 times lol.
  9. KraftwerkB6

    Got some new pics of the jsw

    Finally got some new pics of the Team Dynamics I got late last summer. Weather got a little better and a couple buddies wanted to try out their new cameras so we decided to get some pics. A friend let us use his farm for the backdrop which also helped. No build thread in here,nor did I see a...
  10. KraftwerkB6

    Little JSW has came a long way.

    Big THANKS!! to Chris Tobin and his son for the awesome pics/article of the jsw. They finally made it into the Ultimate Diesel Builders Guide mag that came out last month. I picked up my copy(and a couple more) last week to show some friends/family. Pretty geeky feeling the little jsw made it...
  11. KraftwerkB6

    JSW on Tiguan suspension

    Did anyone ever do this? and figure out if it all went in with out issues?? I thought there was a thread on this, but i looked and didnt see anything. thanks if anyone knows.
  12. KraftwerkB6

    FS: Audi S-Line Titanium Wheels

    For Sale are my Audi S-Line Titanium Wheel with or with out Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport tires at 235/40/r18 95w. Tires have inside tread camber wear but would last the rest of summer. 18x8 5x112 Asking $1000+ shipping at buyers expense. Or local pick up if wanted (lexington KY) Willing...
  13. KraftwerkB6

    New Wheels

    Got some new wheels this past week. Team Dynamic Motorsports 1.2's. So far pretty happy with them, they break up all the black some and at around 19lbs per wheel, they are much lighter then the audi wheels. Not that it really matters. But they have grown on me a lot this weekend. Need to raise...
  14. KraftwerkB6

    New Hatch Emblem

    Got this in the mail the other day and put it on last night. Since theres a couple threads about the TDI logo and new badges i thought i would share. nothing new other then that, been lazy on the jsw. Kinda crummy cell pics but you get the idea. I dont have the balls to put the TDI...
  15. KraftwerkB6

    P3 Cars multi interface gauge

    Did anyone ever get this gauge seen here : Ive been looking at it, but the price is sooo damn high idk if its worth it. Anyone with a first hand account for this thing in here??
  16. KraftwerkB6

    2006 Golf TDI 5-speed manual with 179k

    ttt new price bump. $5500 as is OBO. Posting this for a friend. Located in Lexington Ky. 2006 Golf TDI 5-speed manual with 179k and rising daily. -The engine is a BEW diesel that had the cam and lifters have replaced with a kit from IDparts. Scoring of the lifters plagues the BEW motors...
  17. KraftwerkB6

    F.s. Oem cbea ecu!!!!

    part number. 03L 906 022KT OEM 2008 Jetta CBEA ECU. asking $500.00 includes shipping. Pics if interested. PM for paypal info.
  18. KraftwerkB6

    Anyone going to SOWO?

    Anyone going to SOWO this weekend? would be nice to see some more TDI's this year!!
  19. KraftwerkB6


    I have my DPF,first CAT, EGR canister, EGR flapper valve, and last CAT sitting in my closet at my house. Wanted to see if anyone would be in the market to buy stock emission exhaust system parts. all parts have less then 2K miles on them since I got them replaced under warranty. I did the dpf...
  20. KraftwerkB6

    FS: MKVI Halogen Headlight Housings

    Selling my stock Halogen Headlight housings, comes with all bulbs in the headlights, no cracks or scratches in great condition. Asking $500 for both. willing to ship at buyers expense. PayPal ready.