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  1. fenwick458

    2.0 TDI CR CAAC fuel system problem

    My Van developed a very rough idle around 6 months ago, after a bit of searching on the internet I found a few threads that recommended changing the DRV (fuel pressure regulator, the one that goes in the right hand side of the common rail if you were standing at the front) which I did, and now...
  2. fenwick458

    turbo upgrade for BJB engine

    theres a possibility my turbo is on its way out, and in the event of failure i'd like to upgrade, but i would be in a rush as i need my van daily so i'm doing some research now... is there a direct fit for the BJB (caddy) engine that is a bit more powerful then the standard turbo? I think...
  3. fenwick458

    PD150 injectors $350

    038 130 073 AL, PD 150 injectors $350USD taken from a smashed up 2002 PD150 Golf price includes insured tracked delivery to US/CAN/EUR
  4. fenwick458

    remapped 110 AHF ECU

    p/n 038 906 012 L remapped to 134hp bought on ebay, no longer needed as it turns out the ECU in the car was tuned already and all we had to do was fix a wiring problem to get it to go! bought for £160 including delivery from the user pepeoi which is a company called power tuning chips in czech...
  5. fenwick458

    Help with IQ setting, low power

    A friend of mine has just got a AHF engined '99 bora, its standard, mileage is 133,000miles. problem is it's fine upto 2,500 revs but after that it's flat and takes ages to get to 4,000 revs. I don't really have a lot of experience with these engines (i've only ever worked on PD's) so i don't...
  6. fenwick458

    PD130 oil cooler

    good working order $100 shipped
  7. fenwick458

    looking for tuning info mk3 caddy

    I want to buy a van for work purposes, and it's going to be a Mk3 Caddy I might get it remapped, depends on what it's like i have not even test driven one yet. is it still a 5 speed 02J gearbox? and whats the best clutch kit to buy for them? and for those that don't know the Mk3 caddy is a Mk5...
  8. fenwick458

    sachs race engineering clutch 30k

    been used for the last 30k in my golf, no slipping, looks to be in very good condition i think theres loads of life left in it yet. to fit 240mm DMF 02M gearbox
  9. fenwick458

    PD in tank lift pump

    in working order, $125 shipped from a golf PD130
  10. fenwick458

    130PD engine loom

    complete engine loom from a 130PD engine removed from my car which i'm breaking for parts $150 delivered to US/CAN
  11. fenwick458

    PD130 engine £600

    this is for people in the UK only as it's too heavy for international postage. it's a 03 PD130 ASZ bare engine just the block and head has done 94k, last 35 has been running 230hp with no problems. timing belt is due in 25,000miles can also include a loom at extra cost if you want, and i'll...
  12. fenwick458

    PD150 intake and allard racepipe

    intake is cleaned out inside, all thats in there is a bit of oil. OD of racepipe is 57mm p/n of intake ends in AF $300 shipped to US/CAN
  13. fenwick458

    breaking golf pd130

    i'm breaking my golf for parts, heres a list of all the stuff i had on it, if you want anything send me a message and i'll give you a price. the stuff in red has already gone. it's a 6 speed so all the parts for a 6 speed conversion are available except for the gearbox itself. Engine...
  14. fenwick458

    Golf Mk4 Hella rear Red/Clear/Red Euro lights

    $180 shipped left side one has a cracked mounting bolt but still seals properly and looks fine from outside. no scratches or chips or cracks, apart from the snapped bolt they are 100% mint conditon. they even come with the bulb holders and some bulbs but I don't know if they would be any good...
  15. fenwick458

    help with tuned 2.5PD 174bhp

    A friend of mine has just had his T5 van tuned and it is now ~205hp at the flywheel, but he is complaining of lag, and also the person who did the mapping on it commented that the power doesn't come in as quick as usual for those engines and doesn't know why. have had a look over the boost pipes...
  16. fenwick458

    info on 2.5 174bhp engine

    a mate of mine has just got a Transporter with the 2.5L TDI engine in it that produces 174bhp, I was just looking for some technical info on the engine itself, bore, stroke, fuel system, ECU, turbo etcc. and whats the differences between this 174bhp and the 130bhp version? what sort of figures...
  17. fenwick458

    SDI scroll type intake manifold

    part number 038 129 713 BE comes bare and cleaned out no pics yet, but similar to this except the one i'm selling now is the one with the MAP sensor fitting on the side too. $300 shipped
  18. fenwick458

    5 Cylinder manifold (good base for modifying)

    the EGR is included, the o/d on the end is 63mm(2.5") and it is slightly squashed as you can see in the pic but nothing too bad, will still work fine. here is a picture of the above manifold from the rear: and here is a picture of a VW Racing TDI engine: notice the similarites? WHY IS THIS...
  19. fenwick458

    pnp D24 intake and TIP

    Manifold was originally from a Volvo 2.4 6Cyl engine in the 80's, now it has been modified by removing two of the cylinders and welding them up, porting the runners so they are D-shaped (instead of oval) and installing a 6mm boost take off (for a gauge). it comes complete with a silicone elbow...
  20. fenwick458

    6speed DRW $1100 shipped

    I have just fitted a new gearbox and LSD in my car so I have the old one for sale. it's an 02M 6 speed DRW from a 2001 115PD Golf and has done 117,000 miles to date, since 60,000 miles in my ownership and most of the miles have been on the motorway(highway). in the 3 years and 57,000 miles I...