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  1. OmahaTDI

    Metalman Hybrid Oil Pan for 2005 New Beetle TDI

    FS: Metalman Hybrid Oil Pan for 2005 New Beetle TDI Sold the beetle a while back and swapped the oil pans, putting the stock aluminum one back on prior to selling. It is in great shape, no damage at all. No leaks, but, for piece of mind, I'd reseal it while it is out. I'm away from the house...
  2. OmahaTDI

    New Summer Wheel/Tire Setup

    I picked up a set of 16" oem steelies & had them powdercoated, a set of vintage domed stainless steel hubcaps, german hubcap clips, oem size tires and a set of portawalls and ended up with this:
  3. OmahaTDI

    FS: **Bernt 3-Gauge Pod** and other misc NB parts-Papillion, NE

    FS: Leather GLS Steering Wheel, OEM Turn Signal Lenses, OEM Headlight Switch Bernt Gauge Pod & Clear Turn Signal Lenses have been SOLD. A few really nice items left. Clear Turn Signals SOLD GLS Steering Wheel SOLD Will update CL ad when I get...
  4. OmahaTDI

    Brake Light Brightness Difference

    I replaced the passenger side brake/signal bulb a while back and they seemed to work fine. Last week, I had my wife do a couple drive-bys so I can see what it looked like rolling down the road. As she drove by I noticed that the passenger brake light worked but was not as bright as the factory...
  5. OmahaTDI

    80 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge Enough?

    I have the opportunity to pick up a Bernt 3-gauge pod with VDO gauges for: Volts, Water temp & Oil pressure. I've done some research on other forums and don't feel I've have gotten a definitive answer on the oil pressure gauge. So I've come here for the definitive answer. Is an 80 psi oil...
  6. OmahaTDI

    Magnaflow Exhaust question

    I'm running a Magnaflow cat-back. Will removing & replacing the "resonator" portion of the exhaust system with a straight pipe enhance the sound or will it just have more of a diesel sound? Thanks
  7. OmahaTDI

    New wheels & tires-Finally

    They are 2004 OEM R32 Aristos. 18x7.5 38mm et on 225/40-18 tires. Powdercoated gloss bloack with a coat of clear on top of that. Got them on but ran into a problem up front. The tires were rubbing, hard, on my coilovers. So much in fact, it wouldn't roll after I got everything mounted! I...
  8. OmahaTDI

    MK4 Jetta GLI Clock Spring with ESP

    It is out of a 2004 Jetta GLI 1.8T AWP 6 Speed Manual with Electronic Stability Control, Part # 1J0 959 654 AP I have this clock spring left over from a steering wheel swap that did not work out for me. I bought it used from eBay with a guarantee that it is in good working order. It did not...
  9. OmahaTDI

    Question on loading 4 wheels & tires in the back of my NB

    I may be heading out on a 7 hr drive (each way) to pick up a set of nice 18" wheels & tires. Wondering if anyone would know if they would fit safely in the bug with the seats down. Anyone transported 4 tires & wheels safely back there?
  10. OmahaTDI

    WTB: GLI 18"x7.5" BBS RC wheels & tires

    Found another set of wheels & tires. Mods please delete Thanks
  11. OmahaTDI

    GLI 3-spoke steering wheel swap on my '05 NB

    MKIV GLI 3-spoke steering wheel swap on my '05 NB I have an opportunity to pick up a nice MKIV GLI 3-spoke steering wheel with airbag. I've read and heard that they would be a direct swap for our NBs. Has anyone done this swap and could share their thoughts about the remove & replace process...
  12. OmahaTDI

    Glow Plug dash light is flashing

    The NB was fine this weekend & today. She fired and drove without issue getting us home safe and sound tonight. I went out just now to go to the store and I start it and it dies after ignition. The glow plug dash light is flashing now. I replaced the battery with an OEM replacement last...
  13. OmahaTDI

    Thule Roof Rack questions

    I have an opportunity to pick one up locally. Can anyone who has one post up their experiences with potential scuffing or scratching of the paint? Also if you have pics with it mounted on your NB can you post them up so I can see how it looks installed? Thanks -Bob
  14. OmahaTDI

    New bumper

    Well, I got my NB back from the body shop last week and am extremely happy with the work. I asked them not to drill the front bumper for the license plate :cool:. I also got the rockers fixed from the PO's inability to watch what he is doing, LOL. Another added bonus was I got new plastic engine...
  15. OmahaTDI

    Body Shops in Omaha?

    Had an "incident" with a coyote while on vacation in Colorado. Anyone have any first-hand experience with a good body shop(s) in the Omaha area? Thanks
  16. OmahaTDI

    Changing to hybrid oil pan this coming weekend

    I own a 2005 NB TDI I've searched and found lots of info but wanted to ask again as I'm a little intimidated by it to be honest. Has anyone recently replaced their oil pan and have any 2005 NB TDI motor-specific tips or tricks they learned while doing the job that they can share? Thanks, I...
  17. OmahaTDI

    New Personalized Plate

  18. OmahaTDI

    Bird Poop

    I park under a tree at work yesterday and this is how they treat me? :D Before: After: After again: Just a cool low-level pic posted for no good reason, LOL:
  19. OmahaTDI

    Replaced serpentine belt and tidied things up

    I brought my NB in for a 4 wheel alignment Thursday just to make sure everything was OK after I installed my coilovers. It tracked down the road very well, but I just wanted to make sure - and my steering wheel was just a tad bit off center. Not so surprisingly, it came back very close to spec...