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  1. Power bleeder

    Power bleeder

    Motive Pro Power Bleeder for sale
  2. Campbellonh

    Motive Pro Power Bleeder

    . Sold .
  3. Campbellonh

    SSCTDO (TDI Club Secret Society of Chevy TD owners)

    OK, I think I will, but I will make it for just Chevy, since it seems they will be offering more than a Cruze TD. Plagiarizing is acceptable in a post, it seems, so here it goes. This is an invitation to all members who are currently hiding in the shadows, too frightened by the VW fanaticism...
  4. 2014 Cruze TD

    2014 Cruze TD

    This is what we decided to replace the Jetta with.
  5. Campbellonh

    FS: MKV items in New Hampshire

    We bought these items for our 2010 Jetta. We let VW buy it back, so we do not have need for these items anymore. The asking price listed includes shipping in the US unless otherwise stated. If you live relatively close by New Hampshire and want to pick it up locally, or meet me somewhere (within...
  6. Campbellonh

    FS in NH: B4 parts car

    SOLD I have a 1996 Passat sedan with very high mileage, still runs, but may appeal more for parts than for a whole car. Asking $500 for the whole thing. I do not have the energy to part it out myself. :) See link to the post in the Cars for Sale section...
  7. Campbellonh

    96 Passat B4 for sale in New Hampshire

    SOLD Its on ebay now, so no longer for sale on this site. I am sad to say I am selling my 96 Passat B4, at just over 500K. I am becoming physically incapable of keeping up with the repairs. I have rheumatoid arthritis and the last few repairs have left me in pain for days following, so I...
  8. pics taken getting ready to sell

    pics taken getting ready to sell

  9. Campbellonh

    NJ members, I would advice

    like advice, (the title should have it in) I am currently searching for a used Touareg, as that is my desired replacement for my Passat which deserves a rest now. I came across one that I think I would like for sale at a used car dealer in SouthHampton NJ, called Highline Motor Cars. Can...
  10. 500K miles

    500K miles

    Made it!
  11. Campbellonh

    Considering a 12 Treg

    I have been looking at a few SUV models and keep coming backing to Touaregs. I saw this one online I want to check out in person...
  12. Campbellonh

    00741 - Brake Pedal Monitoring

    OK, I know Steve just recently posted about this same code, but my symptoms are different, so I want to put my situation out there and solicit your opinions. I had occasionally had glow plug light flash when I had been idling for a while but if I shut the car off and back on, it would go...
  13. Campbellonh

    Emergency, I think, need help

    I am replacing the valve cover gasket. I was going to put on the underside grommets and dropped one down by the #8 head bolt. I could see it and tried to pick it up, but I instead pushed it under the camshaft. How screwed am I? I can't see it anymore. Any chance a good vacuum could suck it...
  14. broken wires

    broken wires

  15. The gear selector guide is broken

    The gear selector guide is broken

  16. The gear selector guide is broken

    The gear selector guide is broken

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  18. IMG_06104


  19. Campbellonh

    Geocaching in Grafton State Park

    I have picked out a few geocaches I could take people out to, located in Grafton State Park, a really nice drive, during any free-time Saturday or Sunday. I will leave it up to whoever decides to go on if we take a easy one, medium one, or more difficult (strenuous hike) one. I will have my...
  20. wiper switch

    wiper switch