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  1. n8ronJ

    Help me get to know my 2010 Jetta 6speed

    I've asked in a couple other threads but there hasn't been a reply. Regardless, I'm having a bit of trouble getting to know my new-to-me 2010. One can read about what to expect but it's much different to actually drive one for 1000 miles and learn that I'm not driving an ALH anymore. I knew it...
  2. n8ronJ

    Buffalo to Atlanta road trip - which route is best..?

    A couple of weeks from now I, along with my son, will be making a road trip to Atlanta to visit family. Although I don't anticipate any travel issues I'm hoping that if I run into any that I'll be able to contact a club member. According to google maps I have the choice of going I-71 / I-75...
  3. n8ronJ

    Driver door always thinks it's open...?

    Here's the back story: I have had for the past 3-4 years the typical microswitch problem with my drivers door. If using the key fob the car never recognized that the door was open and wouldn't turn on the interior lights or chime at all. Researched it, determined that I had the microswitch fail...
  4. n8ronJ

    in honor of Fun Friday..!

    It's been pretty snowy here in New York along Lake Ontario. So I waved my white flag to Old Man Winter and figured that the Jetta has enough torque to push this around. :p I'll report back in a new thread with my FE results.
  5. n8ronJ

    '03 rear door trim part number needed

    I'm really hoping someone will help me out here. I have to replace the window divider piece on both of my rear doors. The triangular insert is rusty as well as the piece that divides the stationary window from the fixed window. I cannot find the part number or a decent source to buy one. I...
  6. n8ronJ

    FS: ALH Timing Tools (Western NY)

    A month ago I did a timing belt change on my car and bought the tools from idparts to do it. It's not a job I really enjoy or want to do again so I'm selling the tools. Asking $175 +shipping
  7. n8ronJ

    VCDS Newb. Help me understand MAF...

    I'm brand new to VCDS, I just got my cable. I did a log run and looked at MAF values and then did another run and looked at Boost values. The MAF Specified is at 850mg and doesn't fluctuate. My Actual goes up and down like a roller coaster and kind of follows the RPM as it fluctuates. Should...
  8. n8ronJ

    Coolant odor in cabin

    So for the past few months I have noticed an occasional coolant odor in the cabin of the car. It is independent of whether the blower motor is on or off. It is not constant nor does it occur all of the time when the heater is blowing (which it is most days now since it's still cold out). I use...
  9. n8ronJ

    n8ronj - 2003 Jetta TDI

    I have decided to start my own thread about my car. I've never really wanted to because there are a lot of great looking and wonderfully modified TDI's here already. A little background as I can remember it. I purchased my TDI in September 2007 after a long search for a MKIV style Jetta. My...
  10. n8ronJ

    n8ronj - 2003 Jetta TDI

    repeat thread... Admin, please delete
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  14. n8ronJ

    Rear suspension noises

    I have all sorts of grumpy noise from the rear of my car. I have 144k on it. Just replaced the axle bushings last weekend and thought the noises would quiet down. No such luck. The vibrations after hitting bumps and rough roads settled down but it's still not quiet. My suspension (shocks...
  15. n8ronJ

    While changing t-stat, covered alternator in coolant

    I need help! Ok, so I changed out my t-stat 2 days ago and thought I did a fine job. TDI runs about 20F hotter now. When I was pulling the hose off the flange I got coolant all over the alternator. Yeah, stupid I know. I made no provision for coolant to NOT pour all over the alternator...
  16. n8ronJ

    Exhaust rusting out, need some ideas

    So this is my predicament... My exhaust pipe rusted out at the joint midway under the car. 3 weeks back I put it back together but noticed that the pipe was perfed pretty badly where it exits the cat. That has since severed. My car is louder now obviously and a bit annoying. I don't mind a...
  17. n8ronJ

    Slight rattle noise at startup before turbo spool

    Ok, so my car has been doing this for a while. It's a tough noise to describe. It's almost like a faint belt noise or a pulley complaining a little. Once the car hits sufficient temp for the turbo to make some noise it goes away. My guess is that it's tied to the EGR duty cycle on warm up...
  18. n8ronJ

    4 point buck put my TDi in the repair shop

    It's been 3 days and I'm in TDi withdrawal... I don't have any pictures to post yet but my TDi is smashed up good. The obvious damage is the hood, grille, driver-side fender, headlight bucket, bumper cover and radiator support. She was leaking coolant and after the shop took the belly pan off...
  19. n8ronJ

    Trouble getting vehicle records

    I bought my TDI at around 61k about a year ago. After checking around I found out what dealer it was bought from and called them to ask about the records on the car. The service person said that since I wasn't the owner when it was serviced there that they couldn't give me a print-out of the...
  20. n8ronJ

    Mobil fuel vs. Sunoco

    While not being a fan of Mobil I tend to avoid them at the pump. Their RUG prices are almost always higher by about 8 cents/gallon. But, when driving by a mobil station that is across from the Sunoco station there was a peculiar little sign out front. It said "Do you know what's in your gas...