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  1. leicaman

    suspension rattle fix

    This may be common to folks on their MK 7 golf, be it gasser, TDI , GTI, or R. I was getting a low speed rattle on small bumps that was frankly driving me crazy. So I took it to my favorite suspension guy and he determined (as I suspected) that the stabilizer link or links were worn. Sure...
  2. leicaman

    low beam bulb replacement

    Well, I was able to replace my driver's side bulb really easily yesterday. It sure is tight in there. I saw videos where the grill and etc comes out to get the headlamp assembly out. It was tight and I am even thinking of doing the drivers side, but that looks tighter with the 'ol fuse box...
  3. leicaman

    This might be good for techs who are on their back alot I am not affiliated with this company, I just saw this via fb and though some folks might find it useful. gk
  4. leicaman

    Saw older white Golf TDI with Wisc plates at Road America

    Just got back from Road America and I was following an older white Golf TDI with Wisconsin plates while entering the track. Had a window cling on the right rear of the rear window, just under the wiper. I was by myself, so I could not get a photo. Saw (and heard btw) a couple of...
  5. leicaman

    Car hauler fail Like a bungee cord is going to cut it...
  6. leicaman

    Active shutter code '15 Jetta 1.8T TSI

    My daughters 2015 VW Jetta SE 1.8T TSE, spiked a check engine light on the other day. I got a P05A3 code. When I looked it up it appeared that the code is related to the active shutter mechanism on the car. The code appeared several hours after she took it to a local car wash less than a mile...
  7. leicaman

    Replacement 17 inch tires

    Guys, My 2015 Golf TDI came with the 17 inch option, 225/45/r17 tires. The tires are half used up and I currently am using my winter Blizzaks with steelies. The worst part is that one of the three tires is a Uniroyal tire and I just want to start over. Of course the ice and snow of winter...
  8. leicaman

    A MK 7 observation - weight on empty passenger seat

    I've noticed when I hop in my car to go to a job if I place my camera on the passenger seat, the little seatbelt is unbuckled icon appears on the dash. The seats seem to be very sensitive to the weight of a DSLR. I had a Canon 5d MK III with a 70-200 f2.8 L zoom on it. A solution is to snap...
  9. leicaman

    Why some dealers do not like enthusiasts

    I think this is a pretty good read, even though the diesel door is pretty much shut for new cars.
  10. leicaman

    Leicaman's Ride

    Here is a snap of my new to me 2015 Golf TDI SE. I have had it for a few weeks and put nearly 2000 miles on it. So far so good. It has only had part one of fixes done, so we await the 2018 fix for emissions. In this photo, I have the factory 17 inch alloy wheels on it, but now it sports my...
  11. leicaman

    Leicaman's New Ride

    Here is my new ride. A deer took out my 2005 Passat and insurance totaled it. I now have this nice 2015 Golf TDI SE. DSG and all the trimmings. Looking forward to next trip.
  12. leicaman

    New parts for B5.5 Passat

    FS - New and some used parts for B5.5 Passat As you may know my Passat was totaled by a deer. I have a list of brand new and some used parts. Some prices have been lowered: 1. fuel filter in box (Meyle brand fuel filter (says made in Germany) Part number 0450906374) Sourced from idparts...
  13. leicaman

    Deer kill...and maybe passat

    Well last Friday I had the misfortune of a flipping deer come into the path of my 2005 Passat. The insurance company has eyeballed it and called it a total. So then I would have to shell out some more money to get it back on the road. I'd like any of your input before I make a decision. I...
  14. leicaman

    Throttle body supplier brand question

    I have a code P2100 which points to the throttle body on my 2005 Passat TDI. I am researching the part and I see several brands available besides the OEM route: The two I have seen is Siemens VDO and Pierburg. Are there any concerns using any of these alternatives?
  15. leicaman

    hot drivers side wheel

    I think I have one of two things. Either a seized brake caliper or I have a bad wheel bearing. When I would go 45 it would make a rattling sound from the front end. I am not discounting a CV axle or any other crazy part. If it is a bearing, I have one for the front on the shelf. Its at my...
  16. leicaman

    Trunk light switch

    Hey B5 TDI'rs. My trunk light is no longer working. Yes I put in a new and correct bulb and no go. However, when I open the trunk, the alarm system beeps after a few minutes. I suspect the fault of the trunk light switch is partly the culprit. I am suspecting that the trunk light microswitch...
  17. leicaman

    Need part number for engine cover stud that screws on top of EGR valve

    I need to buy a new EGR valve cover stud. It is not the egr valve. It rotated out of the EGR when I was changing the oil today. I tried using rubber on my pliers, but I goobered up the threads where it goes into the EGR. So rather than mess up the threads on a perfectly good EGR valve, I just...
  18. leicaman

    Now if you think VW is expensive to fix...

    I get stuff from Road and Track every month. This month they sent a link to a thread on a guy who is doing his own work on his special AMG V8 powered Mercedes van. It is a fascinating read. I nearly snorted coffee through my nose when I saw the $57,000 estimate by the dealer...
  19. leicaman

    Saw transport truck of older TDIs

    I was at the Hwy 28 exit by Interstate 43 today and I saw a transport truck full of buyback TDI vehicles. Sportwagens, a Passat. I got close enough and saw the TDI emblems on the vehicles. Sorry no pix as I was driving.
  20. leicaman

    Factory plastic skid plate $20

    Factory plastic skid plate $20 for 2004-05 Passat TDI As I finally got around to having installed the dieselgeek skid plate on my car, I now have a factory one available. I want 20 bucks plus shipping for this unit. If anyone wants a photo of the condition of my unit, PM me with an email and I...