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    VW/AUDI Fundraiser for Humane Society of Port Jervis NY Please come out and support! reciving donatiomns from APR and NGP!
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    VW meet fundraiser

    Hey all Im currently looking into putting together a VW meet/Fundraiser for my local animal shelter in Port Jervis NY. I want to gauge interest in anyone who would like to come. Don’t have a solid day yet but looking Into the end of August. All money from meet would go to the shelter. Im...
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    VW Meet Fundraiser for Animal shelter in Port Jervis NY

    Thank you all. Jamie
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    Possible FS 2003 Jetta wagon 5Spd TDI

    have had her for about 6 years and has always done well by me. All maintenance is up to date with just installed new front brakes and rear. She has 350K but you would not know it. Both fenders are good! VW replaced one and i replaced one not to long ago along with the front bumper from a parts...
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    Alh problem 03 Jetta TDI wagon

    Hey all, Recently at about part throttle under load my Jetta feels like it hits a flat spot and at that same time a large amount of black smoke will pour out. Also don't know if it's related but when I shut it off I hear a hummmmm sound for a few seconds. If I were to floor it seems to not do...
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    axle replacment

    Hey all, does anyone have a how to on axle replacement for Jetta TDI? I need to ether rebuild mine or replace. Looking for how to remove axle from car. Thanks Jamie
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    Got yelled at on the highway

    Well today while driving to work someone pulls up next to me opens there window and begins to show me a thumb downs hand signal and starts saying I'm killing people by driving my car lol Made my morning lol
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    Second clutch master in a year? 03 Jetta tdi

    Hey all, Out of know where I was driving and lost clutch pedal pressure today. Pedal went down and never came back. I pulled over had to stall it out. Nothing obvious, waited a bit and tried again and had some pressure, went a little further and same thing. I drive a lot every day and car has...
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    Ash load 2010 golf tdi

    Hey all, what is soposed to be the ash load limit of the dpf? There seems to bea. Lot of info but no answere that I can find. My ash load is at 180 and 15 grams of soot load. Thanks Jamie
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    Dpf data questions

    Hey all, Been noticing mpg going down and looked at the dog data today and oil ash vol is reading 180 and soot load calculated is 15. Is the oil ash number the one that tell me how full it is? Not sure what limits are but thought closer to the 300 was when it was full but I'm not sure. Thank...
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    intake manifold cleaning?

    Hey all, has anyone tried to clean there intakes on CR TDi's? I recently installed the DG intake flap fix and noticed my MPG go back up but still not where it use to be. Im wondering if I should pull the intake to clean.. 2010 Golf TDi with 179k on her now.
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    Hatch strut mount broke

    Hey all, My 03 TDI wagons hatch strut on the right side broke off from the body. The nut it attaches to fell down in the body, any ideas on how to fix? Thanks Jamie
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    Not able to read parameters with vcds 2010 golf tdi

    Hey all, Been chasing bad fuel economy in another thread and today went back to a guru to get another scan and could not read parameters. He did it have the time to do more today but what would cause this? Ecu going south? Thanks Jamie
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    Poor fuel mileage again

    Well I have checked everything that could be cousing poor mileage and can't seem to figure it out. Dpf is far from being full, brakes are not dragging, tire pressure is normal, no codes, alignment is spot on,fuel filter is new,been diesel purged, use additives, air filter is new. Golf has 168k...
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    vr6 clutch sliping

    hey all, just recently while entering the highway I got on the go pedal in 3rd gear and I noticed my clutch slip and was very surprised since I upgraded the clutch 2 years ago with G60/VR6 setup. I have upgraded nozzles and Malone stage 3 but never had a issue. will happen in 4th and 5th...
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    Dpf clogging?

    Hello all, Last few fill ups I have been noticing lower fuel mileage. Always was over 40mpg and now I'm seeing 36 37 mpg. Our golf tdi has 159k on it and seems to run ok otherwise. Would like to know the soot levels but don't have access to one. Is the dealer my only option for a new replacment?
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    Jurid brake pads

    Hello all, Recently did a full brake job on my wife's 2010 golf tdi with Jurid pads and they are squeaky dusty buggers. Anyone have these pads? I thought I was making a good choice being one of the oem suppliers. Your thoughts Thanks Jamie
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    How to preform brake system flush

    Hello all, Wife car 2010 golf tdi dsg with 160k now on original brakes are needing replacment. To my knowledge the brake fluid is still original so definitely over do for change. I have been reading various posts about doing the job but I'm confused about the abs system, on my turbo diesel it...
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    FS Jetta GL Wagon TDI seats

    great condition no rips or tears, make a offer and there yours. Thanks Jamie
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    Help with strange sound

    Hey all, Recently on my 03 wagon at low speeds I hear what I can best describe is a bad wheel bearing sound but it's not the bearings as they have been replaced and when in neutral the sound goes away. The sound comes and goes it's very strange. I do feel it slightly in the go pedal so I was...