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    Found my Unicorn

    Folks on this thread - I'm gearing up to sell the wagon as soon as I can remember how to post photos. Anyone interested please pm me.
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    Sitting on the side of the road (again)

    While I wait for the AAA truck I'll post up my latest issue. Last weekend while driving 65 on the highway, my B4 lost power, could not maintain speed and has visible blue smoke out the back. I limped to an off ramp and shut the engine off. After a few minutes I tried to start - tool a long...
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    Found my Unicorn

    Three years ago I sold my 05 BRM motor Jetta. It had been in a wreck and the electrical systems were never the same. I hated to leave the TDI world, but needed to find something less of a headache. First I bought a 1992 350SDL Mercedes. It lasted 4 or 5 months and blew the head gasket in...
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    Shop tells me it's time to sell - tranny question

    I had the timing belt done this week end by the same guy who did it 80k ago. It's not a VW specific shop but they did fine last time so I figured let's go again. I picked up the car last night and he gave me a to do list on the car, and suggested that at 164k it's about to start nickel and...
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    front drivers side squeal

    i suspect this is a sticking caliper... at most speeds, when i'm not applying brakes, i have a chirp/squeal that changes pitch with speed and goes away as soon as brakes are applied. the pads are about 70%, and no vibration in the steering wheel or any other outward signs of warped rotors. is...
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    please guess whats making this noise - youtube vid

    I first thought this was just my belt slipping on a hot day, i put on a new belt, and the noise is getting worse. I need to get the car back on the road ASAP. Do I have any votes for alternator clutch failure?
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    Missing coolant!!

    Hello all, I started my Jetta this am and was greeted by a lovely warning light and sound. flashing red coolant indicator. open the hood and my coolant fill ball is nearly empty, two electrodes exposed. no visual or scent signs of a leak. I'm really really hoping i don't have a weeping head...
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    rear door interior panel removal

    Anybody have any hints? I got the torx on the bottom side, and i watched the youtube video but that's for the drivers door. I don't want to pry anything too hard and learn the hard way!
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    No more Thump!

    Recently I lost my low end bass from the sound system. Sometimes if i hit a bump, or the brakes just right it thumps hard again, and sounds clean and clear like the speaker isn't blown, but it drops out again. Might be a week before i hear it again. Can anybody point me towards a (factory?)...
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    engine mounts

    i know engine mounts help with vibration, and allow the engine to move under load, but how easily should the engine move?? i grabbed ahold of mine today with one hand and i can jiggle the entire engine about an inch forward and an inch backward. is 2 inches of travel bad?
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    strange idle, shaking, and temp guage readings

    This is not a new problem but its been getting worse so time to deal with it... CEL is on. Vag-com reads code as "low voltage condition at engine coolant sensor". The dash temp gauge needle swings from center, to 0, all the time as if its losing signal or ground or something. When the gauge...
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    CEL: coolant temp high voltage?

    hello all, my 06 jetta has 82k on it and my cel came on a few weeks ago. local vw only shop checked code: "coolant temperature high voltage". i got a new sensor and replaced my existing one. I only made it a week before the light came back on. Any suggestions?
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    06 PD fuel filter cap wrench/socket?

    Looks like I need a special size socket to remove the fuel filter cap on my 06. Does anybody have any other suggestions I don't really want to buy a socket ill only use once a year or so.