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    Kevlar clutch disk

    What are these like in the real world? are they any better over oe? do they take a bit to bed them in? I'm a bit worried that if they slip and glaze then it's no good and go in the bin. What's people thoughts
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    5 pot pd power upgrades and port restrictions

    Morning Guys :) There seems to be a lot more tuning potential on the 1.9/2 litre pd's than that of the R5 engine that is fitted to the t5 van(europe) or the Touareg using the same engine. I'm now at 348bhp with a gen 1 gt2260 hybrid with ported head and other mods, but the head is the...
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    Rod stretch and Squish area

    The squish area that I should have is .61-.63mm but with a decked block and ceramic coated pistons it appears I will only have a squish area of .34mm, this possibly isn't enough. Now I understand the possibility of rod stretch at 5500rpm and expansion in the engine, but would 4340 h beam rods...
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    Crankshaft giirdle

    Hi Guys. At what point in a build would you consider the above? The reason I ask is having just done a rebuild and I have had a cylinder lining fail after 1800 miles. Something has been going on as there is signs of the conrods hitting the bottom of the linings :( As it's a five cylinder I'm...
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    Gtb 2260vklr

    Hi guys :) Managed to pick up a gtb2260vklr for a reasonable price but since it's off a mb the exhaust snail doesn't work for me as the inlet turns the same direction as the outlet, so I had the snail altered to suit my manifold. If I didn't go this route what other possible snail could I have...
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    What 5 cylinder dmf choice

    My options are now running out with the flywheel choice as there doesn't seem that much availiable:( The oe 228mm lux/friction plateon my 2006 had only lasted 13000 miles and was replaced by an upgraded sachs with 4 paddle splinter which has only lasted 3000 miles. Now do I try the Valeo/ or any...
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    Pd cracked head

    Don't know if this is common or not but I'm just going to go onto my third pd cylinder head. All three have cracking extending from the injector and spreads from there, the first head at 110k and the second lasted 60k. The last one has lasted 50k with cracking serve enough to drop compression on...
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    Looking for inspiration..Rebuild or replace

    Hi lads I have a dilemma as to which way to go so would thought I would put it up here. Story is I have had from new an 06 2.5 174 5 pot t5 panel van which is used as a works van but I started modifying in 2010 when the engine hydro locked on the diesel that leaked into the sump from the tandum...
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    Waterless coolant anyone used it..heat damaged head

    It appears on my 5 pot pd with a gt2262v hybrid I'm able to still produce boost and decent power up at 5000rpm and since the engine wants to rev I do :)and it's up there quite frequently. As the clutch is slipping and the engine is being pulled I decided to do a compression test as I had found...
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    Clutch troubles on a 5 cylinder pd

    Hi gents..changed out my old lux clutch and dmf as it was slipping with the extra torque for a sachs sre and cover but I have to say I'm not to impressed :( The old clutch was slipping at 3000rpm in forth but at 440ft lb I put it down to the rating of the oe plate. But the new sachs stage2 was...
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    Head work, cams and uprated it worth the cost

    As the above really..for the $$$ its going to cost is the results worth it on a diesel ? Being a low revving engine you just seem to hit the red line to quick and on a spirited drive your just up and down the box. Is there really much to be had in porting a pd engine? But I have a 5 pot with...