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  1. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    I don't even know why I asked him about it in the first place. I have all the TDIs I need. I guess I was just curious -- it looked good in the photos and it was local to the Twin Cities. The last time I communicated with the guy I told him that I hope it goes to a good home.
  2. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    He says, " It’s got 156k miles. Originally got it at 144k miles. I have the carfax info of its updates" Edit: The video he sent showed the odometer at 148,593, so about 6000 less than what he says it has now. Also, it has the EGR deleted, but no CEL so it's got a tune of some unknown variety --...
  3. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    Despite telling him twice that I was no longer interested, he's sent me more photos and some videos. The engine sounds okay and the exterior has less rust than most Mk4s in Minnesota. Earlier he'd sent me a screenshot of VCDS showing a number of faults, but nothing seemed too serious. It runs...
  4. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    And now he’s offered it to me for $900, after I made it clear that I was not interested. So an eager seller. He's got it listed twice. Here's the other listing:
  5. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    No, it's this one. His new ad has the price lowered to $2400, but it's not a good deal at that price. He actually did offer it to me for $1200, but I'd already decided I wasn't interested.
  6. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    He seems pretty desperate to sell. Advertised for $3300, but offered it to me for $1200. It’s probably worth that just for the parts.
  7. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    2002 Volkswagen Golf · GLS TDI Hatchback 4D For some reason I thought it had a manual transmission, but it does not. So that’s an issue. It’s on Facebook marketplace.
  8. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    I've just been chatting on Messenger with a guy in Maple Grove with a 2002 Golf TDI, Tornado Red 4-door. It needs a little work and probably due for a timing belt, but the price is low. I really cannot justify another ALH TDI at this time, and would have nowhere to park it if I bought it. So is...
  9. TornadoRed

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    WTI crude is up about $5 in the last week, and ULSD futures are up about 18 cents/gallon. So if you find a low-priced station do not hesitate to fill up, even if you don't really need to. It's not going to get cheaper, anytime soon.
  10. TornadoRed

    WTB ALH Jetta/Golf 5spd

    You might contact Richard Middleton aka CoolAirVW. He's a great TDI mechanic in the Kansas City, MO, area and sometimes fixes up something he already has if he gets a buyer, or maybe one of his customers is looking to sell. Let him know what you're looking for. Just highlight his username and...
  11. TornadoRed

    1996 Passat wagon for sale

    Potential buyers will want to see photos. Lots of photos, inside and out and under the hood.
  12. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    Actually, there is, and I'm glad you brought it up. "$10 Visa Prepaid card with original register receipt(s) showing proof of purchase of one (1) 1-gallon jug of Mobil Delvac 1™ ESP heavy-duty diesel engine oil. Limit two (2) Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 1-gallon jug rebates per household." (Offer valid...
  13. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    I'm waiting for FF's next sale on Delvac1. And the next Delvac1 rebate offer. I'm running low.
  14. TornadoRed

    MN Chat Thread

    For ALH and PD owners: Fleet Farm has a deal on Rotella T6: 1) 1-gallon jugs for $22.99 and a $7 mail-in rebate = $15.99 final price ($4/quart) 2) 2.5-gallon jugs for $50.49 and a $17.50 mail-in rebate = $32.99 final price ($3.30/quart) Prices good through October 24th.
  15. TornadoRed

    Disaster averted!

    INA pulleys, Litens tensioner. Conti, Gates, or Dayco TB. Accept no substitutes.
  16. TornadoRed

    Water Level Sensor False Reading

    I remember hearing of some instances of this back in the early 2000s. But I would not describe it as "common."
  17. TornadoRed

    2002 Jetta End of Life?

    In my opinion, this is the correct way to look at TDI repairs. Find a good mechanic, oldpoopie in the OP's case probably; have him make it right; then drive for another 200k or 300k or 400k miles. With any newer car, you'll have the cost of depreciation, which could be more than all other...
  18. TornadoRed

    Cat filter

    I have the Cat 2-micron filters on three TDIs in the family. No thermo-Ts and am happy not to have them. They're frequently a source of air leaks into the fuel line. Any bypassing the filter is best, in my opinion. I would rather have a TDI that won't start in my own driveway due to gelled fuel...
  19. TornadoRed

    Engine died while driving

    I would suggest that you go ahead and replace relay 109. They're cheap and when they fail the engine will shut off.
  20. TornadoRed

    Normal to hit 21mpg for an 03 alh tdi golf?

    17" wheels or bigger will hurt fuel economy. And anything mounted on top of the car will hurt as well.