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  1. Abacus

    1998 ahu 5 speed

    I’m stopping by his place on my trip east to drop off some parts. It’ll be good to finally meet him.
  2. Abacus

    Driving from Arizona to Maine

    Dammit! :ROFLMAO:
  3. Abacus

    Driving from Arizona to Maine

    So my plan is to head east on I-80 out of Denver (starting in Prescott, Arizona) and driving to New York, where I'll pick up I-84 to take me north. On the way back I'll take I-70 to Denver and then head south from there. Anyone need anything shuttled along the way? I'm driving my wife's Kia...
  4. Abacus

    Water pump broke. Is The engine destroyed ??

    I'll move it to the correct forum.
  5. Abacus

    Driving across the country from AZ to ME, need anything hauled?

    So I am driving my wife’s V6 SUV across the country and towing my 5x8 utility trailer. I’m driving from the Prescott, Arizona area to Maine and headed out I80, then back along I70. Does anyone need anything shipped across the country? I won’t have a lot of room on the way back due to having my...
  6. Abacus

    Euro tunning 6th gear add on kit

    See my post above with the pictures.
  7. Abacus

    Euro tunning 6th gear add on kit

    The 0.59, and I love it.
  8. Abacus

    Door Rust Repair (Amateur Hour)

    Fluid Film will migrate and go away in less than a year. Find some wax based Frame Saver or like equivalent since it’ll stay in place. I have used Fluid Film in other areas and am a proponent of it, just not in all areas.
  9. Abacus

    AHU won't rev above 2400rpm

    Do you have a vag-com? Measure IP voltage on a run, along with actual vs requested maps. I‘m thinking the turbo actuator linkage is misadjusted.
  10. Abacus

    b4 brakes upgrade

    I’m running the same setup and 15” is the smallest you can use.
  11. Abacus

    Electrical issues after inspection

    You have broken wires in a door bellows. I've had the same issue before and found it when tracing the issue.
  12. Abacus

    Euro tunning 6th gear add on kit

    I have Windex’s old wagon and absolutely love the 6th gear, but it’s useless below 65 mph. When we lived in Maine I infrequently was able to use it, but since moving to the desert southwest I use it all the time with the higher speeds. I;ve driven it across the country and loaded down the car...
  13. Abacus

    Remove V-belt - 97 passat TDI wagon

    All you need is a 13mm wrench to loosen the power steering pump housing, then a 22mm (or adjustable) to move the cradle so the belt will loosen. I like to loosen the 16mm cradle hinge bolt as well so it doesn’t unnecessarily torque it. I usually just do it on the ground since there is plenty of...
  14. Abacus

    Vote: should i leave

    That wasn’t one of the options. 😅 But why?
  15. Abacus

    Save yourselves pain

    I do what work I can myself, and that which I cannot, I sub out to my trusted mechanic about 100 miles away. People said I should look for a closer one but I trusted them and thought the 100 miles was worth the effort. When I'm back in Maine I still trust them completely. To quote a Saturday...
  16. Abacus

    B4 Passat - Wiring Short?

    I've seen chafed wires on the left front of the car around the battery well (and under it) that caused all sorts of havoc. The only thing you can do is trace the wiring harness in the engine bay and look for chafes. I would start with the drivers side since that's where most of the power &...
  17. Abacus

    Anyone have a time machine to lend me?

    Yes, but those are fixable, at least the 3 I’ve has were.
  18. Abacus

    side view mirror glass where to buy

    I believe this is what Windex put on the wagon I bought from him. They are quite nice and the outer edge of the mirror is angled differently to give you a wider view.
  19. Abacus

    Anyone have a time machine to lend me?

    If I had one I'd go back and spend just one more day with my dad (W386) at TDI Fest 2015. I'd give anything to see him one more time, he passed away unexpectedly last year.
  20. Abacus

    side view mirror glass where to buy

    Is it possible for you NOT to be condescending? Could you at least try? The OP is asking a legitimate question and you have to suggest that a TDI might not be right for them due to them wanting to save a few $$$. Isn't that one of the main reasons we drive TDI's? To the OP, check other glass...