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    Quick Disconnect

    I'm in the process of changing the lower radiator hose on my BEW, Golf. The hose came off, but the quick disconnect is frozen. Does anybody know of a safe way of removing this without cracking the radiator? I might try some boiling water to expand the housing. I did remove the clip, but no go...
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    Right Front ABS Cable Replacement

    My fix did not hold so I'm sourcing a new cable, but could not find a how-to here or anywhere else. The cable leads up under the cowl and is wrapped in fabric type tape so I can't really see where it ends up. The replacement looks as though it is spliced somewhere into the existing cable. Anyone...
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    Measuring parasitic drain

    I want to measure the voltage drop across each fuse, but I don't know how to put the modules to sleep. When I manually close the driver's door latch with my finger, the other doors won't lock nor will the alarm set when I use the remote. I tried using the key as well, but no go. I read and...
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    Coolant temp reporting incorrectly: ScanGuageII and Ultragauge

    I just received my Ultra Gauge today and am going through the set-up procedures. I've owned an SGII for several years, but the Fwt never gave a correct coolant temperature. I added an X-gauge to compensate, but that has caused other problems. One is that after a brief stop the old temperature...
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    Euro Switch Rear Fog Light Icon

    I need to see the link on the 1st post of this thread, but I can't seem to call it up. I want to see what the procedure involves for installing an LED. TIA t
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    Blue NB with lots of smoke

    I saw the above heading North on East Frontage Road today. There was a sticker on the rear hatch indicating "Diesel Inside." We both turned right onto Golf Rd. where he immediately turned into the Atrium office complex. Any Gurus care to speculate why all the smoke? My first impression was...
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    I have researched here and in Bentley's, but I cannot find out if my 2005 Golf PD TDI is an A4 or an A5. I purchases the car last Nov. I have seen both categories for the 2005 my. What do the A4 and 5 stand for. Is this part of my vin? While I'm at it, what does the B designation stand for...