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    Clicking noise from clutch pedal

    Bump. Still happening. I have heard it to varying degrees on all 2015 models I have driven.
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    Clicking noise from clutch pedal

    No, the noise still exists. I have not taken it to the dealer. Still hesitant to take to dealer considering those folks always mess something else up while working on my car.
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    Mobil 1 esp?

    Mobil 1 ESP is all I use. Supposedly one of the best out there. Is a real class IV synthetic. I buy from a reputable seller on eBay for a good price.
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    On the SE, only way to change it either way is via VCDS. I guess previous owner changed it to 24hr.
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    Trip Computer Resets Itself

    Bump. Any update on this? Mine is doing it too. (2015 Jetta SE)
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    ACTUAL purchases of '15 USED (buyback) TDIs

    2015 manuals have the “fix.” The 12-14 Passat manuals do not. I live in Texas but had to go all the way to Washington to find a Jetta SE manual, which I got shipped to my house.
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    A/C Fan Vibration

    weird, i never felt that kind of vibration when i turn up my fan speed.
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    Clicking noise from clutch pedal

    Does anyone else observe a clicking noise as they let off of the clutch pedal? Almost sounds like a switch that is sticking or something like that. I heard it on a “new” 2015 Jetta and my recently purchased used 2015 jetta. The noise does not occur every time...maybe about 40-50% of the time...
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    ratting upder throttle, lower drivers area

    I have not been successful in searching for it. If you find it I would appreciate it. I’d just like to have it for my records.
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    ratting upder throttle, lower drivers area

    Ah, missed it. Have you been able to find the technical bulletin online? If so, can you link it?
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    ratting upder throttle, lower drivers area

    Maybe this thread will help: I had the same rattle and the culprit was a loose clip used to secure the heater core pipes.
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    Rattle coming from center console - '15 Jetta (Fix)

    Best video I could find was this: Looks like you will just need to take the center kick panel(s) off.
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    Rattle coming from center console - '15 Jetta (Fix)

    I wanted to share this problem with others in case someone else is experiencing the same thing. Both my dad and I purchased used 2015 Jetta TDIs (both 6MT) with ~25,000 miles. In both of our cars, we heard a very noticeable "rattle" coming from somewhere within the center console. The noise...
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    VW Passat/Jetta TDI Reliability

    OP, for what it’s worth, I have 100,000 miles on my 13 Jetta TDI 6MT, and only abnormal fixes have been a replacement windshield wiper motor and a replacement door lock actuator. Other than those, it’s been regular maintenance. Still on the original battery, clutch, and brakes. It’s been the...
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    Dual Horn kit tutorial

    Nice. I just took off the front bumper. Just a bunch of screws and it comes right off.
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    Recommended Body Shop in Houston Area

    Does anyone have any recommendations on good body shops in the Houston, TX area? Particularly frame damage. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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    Just bought 2015 Jetta TDI. MPG is lacking

    I got just over 50 mpg on my last tank...2015 Jetta TDI 6MT. See signature below. Will easily average over 50mpg consistently it's looking like.
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    Polar-FIS : integrated alternative to scangauge?

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with a 2015 Jetta TDI SE? I am reading mixed reports... Also waiting on a reply from KermaTDI, but figured I'd ask here in the meantime.
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    Phase 1 (fixed) "New" 2015 Mileage thread

    Wow, that's impressive! I just filled up for the first time on my 15 Jetta 6MT and logged 725 miles (50.2mpg), and that was from the tank filled up by the dealer... next tank should be even better.