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    Where is Paint code ?

    15’ Golf TDI. Please help with location of paint code . T/Y. Stretch
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    Dash question

    15’ TDI S Stick. The little junk drawer in front of shifter door is stuck closed. Any ideas ? T/Y Stretch
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    2015 GSW S

    2015, GSW S. Ok, the center console cubby in front of shifter is jammed. It will raise and lower a tiny bit, but not unlatch to open. T/Y. Stretch
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    Kessy ?

    I never have had Kessy or TDI. Ok guys , in middle of a Regen or early morning warming up and ya want to stop at Coffee store . How do you leave car locked and running ? My other cars & pickup I have a break away key chain and leave only Ignition key in and running , locked. Thanks
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    Color ?

    In Northeast. Never had a White car. 15' GSW TDI S 6 MT, White w/ Beige , or White w/ Black ? No pets 6 y/o Granddaughter once in awhile
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    So no GSW TDI, why not , 2017 GSW TSI ?

    Ok , let's keep this clean Trade in guys or those of us that missed TDI purchase. Let's keep this as if GSW TDI no longer available, why not 2007 GSW TSI ? All this talk of what to replace buy back car with ? Say guy is looking at tracking down a 2017 GSW 6 spd. ? 1) if you went TDI to non...
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    2017 GSW choices

    Screwed up, busy, out to lunch, have not been around in awhile. History - we where month out on 16 GSW TDI SEL delivery when crash happened. Now recently looking . Please tell me a 17' S can still be had with clutch ?
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    Fuel Inlet Labeling

    Been lurking around here for some time. Would like to become owner of a 16' TDI SW. Can someone post pic of Warning Label located inside Fuel Door ? I am entertaining to idea of coming up with additional Sticker that would have a catchy saying to remind myself, wife & others, to not add GAS...