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    Is my alternator junk? One way bearing failure.

    Started my BRM Jetta after work Friday night and made it to the street when suddenly lots of noise and a burning smell. Parked the car and found metal shavings all around the alternator pulley, and could visibly see the pulley was not sitting square on the shaft. Went back later with a car...
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    Single volume softcover vs two volume hardcover Bentley?

    Does anyone know the difference between the single volume softcover vs the two volume hardcover Bentley manual for the MK4 Jetta/Golf/GTI? Does the two volume set include more detail?
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    Can rear wheel hub bearing assembly be removed and reinstalled?

    Hey guys, is it possible to remove and re-install the rear wheel hub assemblies on the MK5 Jetta? I know some hub bearings are not designed to allow this.
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    Any suggestions for these VCDS log errors?

    I have a few remaining errors now that I have this new to me 06 Jetta 2.5 running. I can say that the lock switch on the drivers door does not work to lock or unlock. Also the exit/warning lights do not light on either door on the left, but do light on both doors on the right. I haven't...
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    What secures the shift knob onto the shifter?

    The shift knob moves freely up and down on the shifter on the 06 Jetta I just bought. When I lift the boot, I see a single use clamp ring - like used on CV Joint boots - around the lower part of the knob, but the shaft is smooth and it can move up and down freely.
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    Can anyone help me with a dead 2006 2.5 Jetta - No crank

    I'm not usually a gambling man, but took a chance on an 06 2.5 Jetta that does not start. The previous owner said his wife drove the car home and parked it in the drive everything was normal. An hour later he went to use the car and when he turned the ignition, nothing happened. When the...
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    MK5 Jetta OEM Roof Rack

    Selling an OEM Roof Rack from an MK5 Jetta. It just sits in my garage and I just do not seem to use it. $200 plus the ride. Pics are from the last time I mounted it on the car over the summer and indicative of the current condition.
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    Where is this oil coming from?

    I changed my oil yesterday and was looking around under the car. The rear of my engine and the belly pan have typically been clean and dry. This time I have some oil on the belly pan and it's getting messy behind the motor. It's hard to see it but it looks like this oil is originating from up...
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    Sudden increase in engine noise in the cabin

    My son took my Jetta over the weekend for some running he was doing, and when I got back in it and fired it up I immediately noticed that the engine noise/sound in the cabin is a good bit louder than it has ever been. Not really much difference when standing outside, but very noticeable inside...
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    Thule Roof Rack 4 Jetta Sportwagen

    I have Thule roof rack for a Jetta Sportwagen for sale. Perfect fit to the Jetta Sportwagen roof rails but will also actually fit most any factory roof rails that are 37.5" - 44.5" wide. Clamps to the factory roof rails with integrated tools, and also have key to lock the rack to the car...
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    Hit 100K on the way to work today!

    Car has been running great. Just hit the 6 digit milestone on the way to work today
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    "No entry" displayed on the MFD

    My MFD is now displaying "No entry", and I cannot access any of the data that is typically available. Has anyone ever seen this before? Know a cure? This came up after clearing an airbag fault MIL, which was a result of me starting the car with the top center dash panel unplugged during a...
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    Any window tint guru's around?

    I'd like to tint the windows in my Jetta. I know the radio antennas are integrated into the rear glass. One of the local tint shops offers SunTek carbon tint which they *think* will not interfere with radio reception. Can anyone here confirm that, or is the extra money just an unnecessary...
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    Single 16" Aluminum Bioline Wheel

    Selling a single 16" Bioline wheel from a 2011 Jetta. The car only had about 1800 miles on it when this wheel was scuffed on a curb and was promptly replaced. The wheel is straight and true. The center cap is not included. Asking $75 plus shipping.
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    Like new studdable snow tires on OEM 16" VW Bioline wheels

    Offering for sale a set of 205/55R16 91Q General Altimax Arctic snow tires on a set of OEM VW Bioline Alloy wheels. Complete setup, mounted, balanced, with center caps, with less than 4,000 miles. Tires show almost no wear, and the wheels are in very nice condition with the exception of a...
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    Airbox Thermostatic Flapper Valve Part Number

    Anyone have a part number for the flapper valve in the bottom of the air box? Mine is failed open, and I'd be curious of the replacement cost before I just shim it closed. The VW parts fiche I'm looking at does not show this as an available item when looking at the air box diagram.
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    Take a look at this timing belt...

    Anyone know if the number stamped into the belt has any meaning, like production date or anything? The full number is 08860102201223. If this were the original 05 belt, would the labeling still be this visible/readable with 95K on it. I was told the belt hadn't been done on this car yet, but...
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    Bentley Service Manuals, What's the difference?

    I'm wondering if anyone can clue me in on the two different Bentley Service Manuals I see available for sale for the Jetta TDI BRM. Is it more than hardback vs. paperback? I see the hardback includes 09-10, but curios about content of each for my 05.5. Comparing this one (hardback), and...
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    New kid on the block, with a new toy...

    Hello everyone! Found this site while trying to learn as much as possible about TDI Jettas in my quest to find an economical driver. I'm happy to say I'm now the new owner of a 2005.5 Jetta TDI. It has 95K on the clock. I'm still new to the car, and learning more about it every day. Here is...
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    Adding Auto Headlights?

    Is it possible to (relatively easily) add auto headlight functionality into an MK5 that did not come equipped with it?