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    mk3 anti-tamper tools(for pump)

    i have a mk3 (AHU). the injector pump has at least 2 anti-tamper tools that are needed. im looking for both if possible. the one for the pumps (front of car) the plastic quantity adjuster cover i need the most. the other (anti-tamper) screw is of course on the top cover.
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    Glow Plug wiring help.

    some time in the last year, i remember a post, it may have been by todd, or one of the other veteran members. it was for personal re-wiring of the GPs. i need to find that info or post. my GP harness is finished. i was going the 'easy' route. some wire, 4-type of connectors, and some wire caps...
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    MK3 starter mount bolt

    i have a '98 jetta AHU. i was removing the starter and i botched a bolt. anyone have one?? its the starter mount bolt.(its the 'special' mount bolt, long length, has stud on end for bracket mount). (mine are a "16mm" head. ie takes a 16mm socket or wrench). thats why i ended up botching one, i...
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    WTB: AHU head

    i need an AHU head, prefer a VW head, only really need a bare head, but let me know. pls.
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    'head work' (mk3)

    im looking for some basic info on the subject. i have a oem used head. in the planning stage to do work. looking for basic info for head work. porting, valve job? if polishing is an option. i know the ole 1.6 some personal porting is possible. im trying to find similar info for my AHU, for a...
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    tool wanted. crank lock. mk3

    i need a crank lock tool. anyone have one for sale? its an AHU. need a pic of it. pls. thanks guys
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    power steering fluid replace/question

    hi guys, its been a few since i ve been on. i was looking to drain my p/s fluid, seems the 'allen' drain is a bigger size than i happen to have. what size is that drain plug? on the back side of the p/s rack unit. thanks, am hoping to get the size so i can go to the store be-4 tonite.
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    rear shock assembly

    have a question on a3 rear shock assembly. as i dont have one apart, neither the book in front of me. i believe the shock, spring go together something like this, lower spring seat, spring, upper spring seat(left out such things as a plastic cap, boot, bumper, and the circlip), the spacer/sleeve...
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    im looking for a good cam, first consider oem cam, then a good brand.<pref. shoot me a line if you have one, pls. (AHU).
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    this question is on shift linkage

    so my other mk3, for a bit it was having a time getting into 1st, at times, also at times it would 'miss' reverse. so a few months later i lost 1st and reverse. so im stuck, just coming out of my driveway, cannt reverse back to turn. so i figure out, i find 1st in reverse, 2nd is down from...
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    question on identifying parts

    so the question i have, is how can i identify a 1.9 camshaft? because i have a number of 1.6cams as well. i have a couple well used, then again that seems a bit strange because only one is supposed to have made it, then again sometime, in the past, seems we acquired another head(1.6)was slightly...
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    need more heat (in motor).

    since i ve got my mk3 back running, i ve had lack of heat, both normal max heat in engine, and a slow warm-up. in the cooler weather the warm-up is slower. it takes a while just to get heat in motor, and its not really that cold out yet. over the summer (i had posted) i put a new thermostat in...
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    mk3 jetta brake reservior

    for a '98 mk3 jetta i happen to need a brake reservoir. anyone have one?
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    wire loom mk3

    i need the wire loom for the headlights/front lights. 98 mk3, its the loom before/going to the front lights,headlights. it has a 'big'multiple connector above the radiator, its the loom leading up to and the connector that i need. after (connector) i suppose the wires all go to the front lights...
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    wtb:ahu rods.

    looking for a set of AHU rods. -specifically- need a set that weighs 66".
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    injection pump/ &using a sealer question

    so i ve got my pops mk3, the electronic fuel pump controls, the plastic cover on the front of the pump. his has had a leak, now its sprung. have to find the gasket, thought i had seen it before, may end up buying a TDI pump seal kit. my question, if the gasket doesnt have an overlapping split in...
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    where is the vag-com turn off thread for airbags?

    i swear i saw a link/info to use vag-com to turn off airbags, and the light. i cannt find it using search, and looked in the how-to sticky in tdi101. a little help pls. for mk3.
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    looking for:mk3, braker reservoir(s)

    hey guys, again, in this section. so im looking for, mk3, jetta. i need more than one brake reservoir, as i cannt find for a good price. optimally looks like i can use 3. in gd condition.
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    working 'some' of the rust from one of my pop's mk3

    thought i'd make a separate post on this subject.
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    looking4 one of those valve spring in car tools

    like title says, for a 98tdi, looking for one of those 'in car', or worded better, with cyl head on one of those valve spring compressor tool set-ups. thanks. :rolleyes: . or a rental.