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    Left rear door won't lock electronically.

    I have a 2003 TDI. When I use the key fob, the left rear door won't lock. The button tries to move but no go. I can push the button down and it locks and pull the inside handle and it unlocks. The security system senses when the door is locked or not and I can hear the actuator trying when I use...
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    MK4 Jetta door lock

    On my 03 Jetta TDI MK4 the left rear door won't lock electronically. The door lock button tries, but it won't go down or up. It moves only a fraction so it's getting the signal. The wiring must be ok for it to try to move the lock button. The security system knows when the door is locked or...
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    2002 No Glow plug light

    I had my 02 tdi off the road for a year and a half but started it up regularly and let it run. I put it outside and let it sit for two weeks and now the glow plug light does not come on. The injector pump solenoid is not getting power either but when I jumper the injection pump solenoid to 12...
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    Engine stuck on 02 TDI

    With the glow plugs removed, in neutral, I can't rotate the engine using a socket on the crank. When I crank it, the starter can't turn over the engine. Replaced the starter, still can't move the engine. I lifted both front wheels off the ground, put it in gear (tried all forward gears) and...
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    01 TDI Rad

    I picked up a Rad on Upper James in Hamilton for my 01 Jetta TDI, not from the dealer. It's about 3/4 the thickness of the stock Rad. Doesn't seem like a good idea. The rad hose connections aren't the same either. Any suggestions for a source around Hamilton? Cheers
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    Trailer Hitch

    Looking for a trailer hitch for a MK4 TDI sedan.
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    Roof racks

    Found a set. Thanks to all..
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    Trailer Hitch or roof racks

    I'm looking for a trailer hitch FOUND A HITCH (Thanks Tony) Still looking for roof racks for my 2001 Jetta. (Found a set) Thanks Located in Ancaster..
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    Good place to buy a MAF

    I need a new MAF for my 03 TDI, and I think I'll put a new one in my 01 as well. They both have 287,000 on them... Is there a good place to go other than the Stealership? Looking for original equipment replacement.. Terry
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    Bilstein rear shocks

    Can anybody suggest a good place to buy Bilstein TC rear shocks for my TDI sedan in the hamilton Ont. area? Or a good place to order them from. Thanks
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    Struts and trailer hitch

    I'm looking for front and back struts for my 01 Jetta TDI As well a trailer hitch for the same car. Thanks
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    Trunk Power

    I have searched the forum for an answer but no direct wiring diagram except a reference to a wiring connector at the C Pillar for the trunk. Symptoms: I have no power getting to the trunk lid at all. The license plate lights have no power. Using my key fob, the lights blink but no trunk...
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    Battery Drain

    I've searched this forum for the diagram for the under hood fuse box ( on top of the battery) and haven't found my answer. I have around a 6 amp drain on the battery with the ignition off. I've pulled all fuses (one at a time), watching the ammeter, including the under hood ones, to no avail. I...
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    Rear Axle bushing alignment

    The bushing has to line up with the edge of the trailing arm but I can't figure out if it is the top or bottom edge of the trailing arm. Thanks
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    I did a search but really didn't find anything. I need a new front windshield. Is there a good shop that installs German glass in the Hamilton Toronto area. Thanks
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    Timing Belt

    My timing belt kit should arrive this week for my 03 TDI. Is there anybody near the Hamilton Cambridge, Guelph area that has some tools to lend or rent? I have a pump lock pin and overhead cam lock but need the rest. Ok I now have all my parts, any body in the area with tools to lend, rent or...
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    45 mm master brake reservoir cap??

    Can anybody tell me where to get a cap in the Hamilton area for my Brake bleeder?? Having no luck... Thanks
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    Inner Tie rod ends

    I was trying to get front end alignment on my wife's 94 TD jetta and was told the inner tie rod ends were worn. It has around 380 klm on it but I've never had to replace the inner's .. Do they tend to go? I always thought they were pretty beefy. If I have to replace them, is there a good source...
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    WTB Rearview Mirror control switch

    The knob broke on my mirror control, and took the shaft with it. The switch on the driver's door that you aim the mirror's with and turn on/off the heat. Looking for one for my 03 Jetta TDI Thanks Terry
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    brake bleeder cap

    I'm making a brake bleeder. Does anyone know where can I get a master cylinder cap around Hamilton?