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    2013 sportwagen no crank update towed to dealership

    Would an EGR Tune help resolve this issue without physically deleting? (Assuming a winter front and the Cold weather intercooler kit are installed as well).
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    Hard Start / Non-Start In Morning

    Hello everyone, I may be seeing this issue a lot on other websites because my car is been in the shop for six weeks with this issue, but maybe it’s worth starting a thread. Issue: CJAA engine is hard to start, or is unable to start with no faults shown. Occurrence: Mornings and/or when car...
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    Random Hard Start

    Thank you so much. That video is exactly what’s going on, I thought something was losing pressure, but my first thought was the HPFP and all of the nightmares that brings. I’ll take a look and verify I have the older vvt oil reservoir housing/solenoid valve.
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    Random Hard Start

    Currently in a tractor. Will clean up later. Also, I keyed the car off after two miles of operation after the last hard start. Keyed on and car fired up without issue.
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    Random Hard Start

    Hey everyone, Given: 2012 Sportwagen, 6MT ~4 month old Yellowtop Battery RCD330 (187B) Head Unit DEAutoLED Lights New BECM No modifications to factory harnessing issue: Engine sometimes takes 5-15 seconds of cranking to start. Frequency: Very intermittent, but more likely to happen when last...
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    2013 GSW Front floor mat fitmet

    Any mats for MK5 Jetta, MK6 Golf, MK6 Jetta Sportwagen should work. The rubber (monster?) mats are the factory option.
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    MDI Replacement with DIN Tray

    Hey everyone, I figured I’d add this here, since I couldn’t find any complete information on it. I installed DIN compartment where my MDI box was in the armrest: Ai UPK750 1981-2013... There was a “medium” size faceplate and some...
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    Another Homelink Visor Retrofit Project

    Awesome writeup! Do you have any pictures of the connector on the non-homelink visor? I was meaning to figure out exactly what connectors are being used--they look like a standard type of molex. Sometimes the part number or family name is printed on the connector. I figured I would get my parts...
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    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    Just a heads up for those in North America; the intercooler kit listed in the TSB is back ordered for all of North America, apparently. If you are covered by CPO, the fix might take a while. Edit: Cold Weather Kits are back in-stock.
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    Door Lock Stops Working

    Hey everyone, I am having a weird issue. Most likely, this will be a dealer CPO fix. Adding to the forum here and will update if/when it's fixed. Car Description: 2012 JSW, 6MT Added: RCD330 Head Unit w/ Backup camera. Programmed w/ OBDeleven Issue Description: Door lock does not work most of...
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    Westfalia Hitch

    I apologize for not having citations. I was looking at Westfalia vs EcoHitch for my JSW in North America a few months ago. When I realized most of the hitches in Europe and North America had the same ratings, I figured the reason the difference between European and US options was due to...
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    Westfalia Hitch

    To add to this, the towing rating of 2000 lbs vs 3000 lbs in Europe is not due to physical differences in the hitches, but in the road laws for USA vs Europe. The stability/control (particularly during braking) of a trailer at 70 MPH has the tow rating at 2000 lbs for the United States. Europe...
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    Mk6 gti RSB for JSW?

    Would a rear sway bar help? Or, possibly an alignment? I know the dynamics change considerably with a lift, but I'm not sure if the loose feel is from roll or steering.
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    Short Shifter Lubrication?

    You could add grease to the bearings, but it's probably not of much benefit since it doesn't move much. The nylon blocks (white plastic pieces) are fine without any lubricant. It's best to find out what the blocks are actually made out of first, but a silicon grease is probably compatible. If...