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    FS 2002 Golf TDI 4 door-5 spd $2900

    Hello, I'm posting my 2002 Golf we've had for 5 years. Purchased it with 150k, now has 220k miles. Really in pretty good shape. I'll add more pics if there's interest. timing belt done at 175k clutch replace at 170k ( went to single mass upgraded clutch from ECS) brakes on front have about 10k...
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    02 alh won't keep running

    So it got cold here, went to start the alh one morning. cranked won't start. Tried it enough times killed the battery. Remembered i hadn't changed the fuel filter in more than 20k miles. put the filter in, filled it with diesel replaced the o rings on T fitting. Might have had a little bit of...
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    Wtb 2.5" Downpipe Hello, I'm shopping for a downpipe and just thought i'd see if anyone has one they want to unload? i'm looking for a 2.5" cat or not, resonator or not....i'll consider all possibilities. thanks, Joe
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    Wtb - oz wheels 5x112 superleggera

    Hello, i'm in need of a wheel or 2 of the 0Z Superleggera. Size needed is 5x112, 17x8. These are the old style wheels not the ultraleggera. i don't care the color. just need 1 to complete my set. I'd buy 2 if i have to also. thanks,. Joe please email me if you happen to have some...
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    2002 alh maintenance

    Decided i'd better have someone look at my rig recently. Been having a pause in the acceleration for a bit. Figured it was the egr and manifold caked up. Found out from Dieselland here in Colo. that the maf was dead, and there were some vacuum leaks. Anyways, my point here is that i got lazy...
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    Road Trip to Drop off Daughter at College...Utah

    So our Golf had made the trip 2 times now. The first time was uneventful...this last trip was very eventful. Total miles 1,200 round trip. averaged 37 mpg on the way into the wind with a car top luggage carrier. Trip home averaged 47 mpg and drove like a bat out of hell, 80 mph most of the...
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    Driving from the WEST....?? anyone?

    My wife and I are planning on attending and will be driving from Colorado...Looks will we drive I-80 across the upper midwest into Cleveland then on to Maine from there...