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    FS: Bosio Race 520 Nozzles San Diego $250 shipped OBO

    Item has been sold thanks...
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    1998 Jetta TDI, SOCAL, $2200 obo, PP520 + Gator + bilstein etc.

    1998 Jetta TDI, SOCAL, $1650 obo, PP520 + Gator + bilstein etc. sold long ago
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    want to trade used Race520 for PP520

    Injectors have no more than 15K miles (not sure exactly though) car has been sitting for 2 years, but runs and idles as is. Nozzles are still installed, this is for nozzles only not full injectors. PM or email if interested.
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    Want AHU or 1Z smog and intake parts

    List: aluminum intake pipe that connects to turbo hot side plastic intake pipe that connects to turbo cold side stock intake manifold upper and lower egr pipes pm or email through forum. thanks
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    WTB, A3 turbo oil drain, egr tubes, intake pipes that connect to turbo

    Pretty much everything said in the thread title: Stock A3: 1. Turbo oil drain tube 2. EGR pipes or, pipe if you have the single B4 EGR pipe for the model that has no cooler. 3. The plastic intake pipe that connects the turbo to the air box 4. The metal S shaped pipe that connects the turbo...
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    sticking throttle

    Once or twice in the last year on the freeway I have noticed the throttle sticking only slightly. Feels a bit like cruise control, if I pop the clutch the engine will run up, tapping the throttle instantly drops it back down. I don't have floor mats or any physical impediments on the throttle...
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    Need part number for b4 egr pipe without cooler.

    Can anyone help me out. Also is the letter on the part number a version, were different letters are the same part... Thanks Thanks
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    whats the largest vehicle anyone has powered with a 4cyl tdi

    How about an FJ80 land cruiser, estimated realistic max gross weight is 6000 pounds with a 5000 towing capacity. The stock engines bhp (manufacturer specs): 1991-1993 is 155 HP and 220 lb ft torque with torque peak around 2500 rpm engine is pushrod OHV 4.0L I6 red line is 4500 rpm 1993-1997...
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    lost second and forth gears

    Hi, don't have a lot of time to do search right now.. need some quick help. suddenly all at once, no second or forth, but 1st 3rd 5th reverse are ok. shifter counter weight is a bit loose. internal or ? Thanks...
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    standalone boost controller that works with a standard vac actuated VNT

    Is anything like this on the market specifically targeted at VNT turbo's? Or has anyone used one of the plethora of devices targeted at the gas turbo performance market. I'm thinking something with open loop control where the boost target is based on a 3d map with 2 analog inputs, for example...
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    uneven brake wear G60 callipers

    Anyone experienced this, drivers side done at 25K miles, passenger side still about 75%. Inner and outer pads on the same caliper have about the same wear. Pads are store brand that came in pre loaded calipers, ordered in pair's so I suppose there is a chance they could be different right to...
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    non vw diesel swap american truck engine into BMW 850 CI

    So today I was offered a 1994 BMW 850CI not running engine less and in perfect condition for less than 1k dollars. The engine bay originally housed a huge V12, so there is allot of room.. Hopefully a large commonly available diesel will fit. The donor engine has to have come in a 1997 or...
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    pump not crank jumped a tooth

    Recently about 15k into the last timing belt I pulled up to a gas station, fueled up and went to start the car. No start condition with slight firing. Towed the car home and after checking several things I locked the camshaft and lined up the crank with its marker and low and behold the...
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    compatible (read easiest) AHU into 90-97 Audi (AWD) swaps

    I have an extra low miles AHU thanks to a lucky craigslist find. I would like to swap it into some mid 1990s Audi with AWD. Originaly I had pegged a 1997 A4 manual trans 1.8t chassis but that deal fell through. So the question is which would be the easiest chassis and engine combos to bolt an...
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    AHU/AHF/1Z etc injector's with 15K old PP520, 97/98 MK3 alligator tune chips

    The nozzles were purchase from Kerma in around april of 2008, they are genuine Fratelli Bosio POWERPLUS PP520 and they have 15k miles on them. The injectors are OEM with 185K miles on them. Running perfect with good idle when pulled. 450 shipped OBO If you want this for a 97/98 AHU/1Z Mk3...
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    how hard AHU/AHF into 1997 AUDI A4

    I have the opportunity to buy a 1997 Audi A4 cheap with a bad engine, some type of oiling problem spun rod bearing severe damage. Car is AWD, with a manual trans but I don't know if it has a 1.8T or 2.8(VR6?). How hard would it be to swap an AHU or AHF into this car? I am think that if the...
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    VR6 Axles in Mk3

    How do I put VR6 axles or CV joints in my Mk3 without changing to the plus suspension. I just broke an axle, and I think I need stronger ones to go with the 2056V