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    Dang varmits!!!

    We bought an '06 Beetle TDI (first VW TDI) with 83K on it. Drove it to Florida and back from West Central Indiana with no problems. We knew it needed the timing belt changed and all maintenance (looked like PO just drove it and ignored maintenance). Had to park it outside of the garage while we...
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    WTB glove box door or handle for 06 Beetle

    Our handle/latch on our glove box gave up the ghost on out trip to Florida. I don't know if I can just get the latch or if I should just get the whole door.
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    Just completed our first trip

    Left on Wednesday afternoon from west central Indiana to Central Florida and back on Sunday afternoon. 2241 miles with 80+ mph on the way down and plenty of backroads on the way back. Highest price of diesel was in Greencastle, In on the way out and the cheapest was in Henderson, Ky on the way...
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    New/old member with an '06 TDI Beetle automatic with 83K

    We just brought home our first VW TDI. I have had many GM diesels over the years and loved them (Yes even the one old 350!). I was a lurker on Fred's TDI Page for years. But never found what seemed like the right one for us. This car only has 83K on it and seems well taken care of. The worst...
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    Newbie wanting wheels and tires

    We just brought our '06 TDI Beetle home. The old wheels are all oxidized and curb rashed and the tires aren't much better. I'[m sure this has been brought up many times before, but a search on tires just gets me arguments about diameter. I am thinking about staying stock 16's with maybe a...
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    WTB New Beetle TDI

    I'm in west central Indiana, but I've been known to travel. :)