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    DIY: 2010 Golf TDI Oil Change with an Extractor

    My TDI is now at 5000 miles, and per my personal preference I changed the oil. This thread is a DIY on how to change the oil, not when to change the oil. It is very simple with an oil extractor. Start to finish will take less than 20 minutes. This is a fast and simple way to change the oil and...
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    Shark Blue 2010 Golf TDI Joins 2008 .:R32

    Just picked up the new TDI tonight. Ordered it on Feb 23 and tracked it on board ship from Emden to Brunswick, GA. There are some nice touches to the MKVI, including the shiny (versus flat) black shark tooth antenna and the RNS-510. Shiny shark antenna might be a simple mod on the .:R32. No auto...