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    Towing MPG

    Towed a 5x8 enclosed U-Haul trailer from Columbus, OH to Madison, WI and got 27.1 MPG. Speed was usually between 70-75.
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    Pros and Cons of Diesel Engines

    Seems there should be some mention on the type of driving you do. Of course my TDI is preferred for longer trips, but I almost always take my gasser on short in town trips, especially when its cold out. The TDI doesn't perform bad in cold weather but it is a little noisier and takes longer to...
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    Guess I never thought of the presidential limo running on Diesel but makes sense. I bet it's entirely mechanical fuel injection so it would run even when hit with an electromagnetic pulse.
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    DIY windshield replacement?

    I was faced with a similar dilemma on my B4. The biggest problem with replacing the windshield is scratching the metal around the frame. If this is done and not repaired, you will end up with rust around the windshield. I fixed the rust on my TDI a few years ago. Now my GLX is getting pretty...
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    Alignment Issue

    I suppose it could be any worn suspension or steering component. Mine did this when the rear control arm bushing was bad. I replaced with the Audi ones from ID Parts and all was much better.
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    Completely dead in hot weather

    I am going to place my money on the ignition switch. I had a similar problem with mine anyway.
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    Project resurection a B4 story

    "So I took a chance and cleaned it with the head on the car. I took a small pick and a shop vac and slowly picked the buildup free as a friend tried to keep the vacuum on the pick so no debris would fall inside the combustion chamber." FYI - next time, turn the engine so the valve is closed on...
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    Are injectors rebuildable?

    Regarding injector rebuilds, I thought I came across something saying that with a change in nozzles that the pop pressures can change with breaking in of the new nozzles. Anybody know if there is truth to that? In other words, should the injectors be re-caliberated say at 10,000 miles after...
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    After 230,000 the motor mounts begin to go...

    Read this thread about vibration .....would you be interested in selling the old transmission mount? Please let us know how the new mounts work from a vibration perspective.
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    Vibration at idle with after new engine mounts installed?

    Any idea who one of these vendors might be? ETKA gives a description of "bonded rubber mounting" for 3A0199402. This would seem to indicate the hydro mount does not exist, at least through the dealer.
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    Vibration at idle with after new engine mounts installed?

    I am experiencing the same problems...bad vibration after replacing the transmission mount. The problem the way I see it is the factory transmission mount was hydro. Mine was oozing stuff out so I replaced it. Had I known what a headache this was going to cause, I would have left the leaking...
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    Drag coeffcient of B4V

    Another reason the GLX may be higher....I have a 96 GLX and it doesnt have the lower front engine cover that my 96 TDI does have. Unless the GLX is supposed to have it and somebody ditched it.
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    rare GOLF TDI wagon imported from Germany in 2003 for sale

    I see what appears to be his Eurovan is now on Ebay. Talks about getting a T5.5. How is he getting these over here?
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    Ignition switch removal on B4

    Although I haven't done the stearing column method, my vote is the bearing splitter. Picked one up at Harbor Freight, pulls it off in no time.
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    1.2L TDI Honda Insight

    What is the requirement as far as destroying the vehicle? Based on what you are saying, it seems you just have to destroy the shell and you can pull all the parts off that you wish?
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    Ignition Switch Woes

    I don't have heavy key chains - probably about 6-8 keys on one ring. I'll check the lock cylinder, it does seem to have a lot of play in it.
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    Ignition Switch Woes

    Anyone having problems with the Meyle replacement ignition switches? I have gone through 3 on my B4 TDI and 3 on my B4 VR6 in less than 18 months. Although I am getting pretty quick at replacing them, I really would prefer to stop the insanity. I am thinking of getting one through VW? Any...
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    DIY Windshield

    It's not really so much the money but I plan to have the windshield out for a few days while I fix the rust and replace the headliner. I was thinking of at least taking the glass out myself and maybe have someone install it. Otherwise I would have to have someone come to my house and remove the...
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    DIY Windshield

    I am in the process of researching the idea of replacing my cracked B4 windshield myself. After hearing so many stories of people getting their windshields replaced by so called "professionals" only to have them leak anyway, I question why I would want to pony up the dough to have someone mess...
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    Wow, Sprint 520's rock!

    I had an upsolute too, lots of power but it wasn't smooth when it came on, car seemed herky jerky. I have PP357s now without the chip, there is a bit more power than stock but not as much as with the upsolute. I dont have solid evidence yet but it seems my mileage did go down 2-4 mpgs with the...