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    2015 Golf TDI sets new US mileage record - 81.17 mpg

    Thanks guys. It just seems too good to be true. I could believe getting 50% better fuel economy than you guys, but he's getting double!
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    2015 Golf TDI sets new US mileage record - 81.17 mpg

    Lightflyer1, I see you are driving a 2013 Passat TDI. I assume that it has a trip computer that shows your MPG in real time. Are you ever getting 78 MPG on a flat surface like hypermiler Wayne Gerdes got? Can you (or anyone) with a trip computer, enlighten me on what the max MPG you see on a...
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    2015 Golf TDI sets new US mileage record - 81.17 mpg

    I would bet money that the 81mpg car had a special ECU that was tuned for fuel economy and wouldn't pass EPA's emissions tests. For the last 5-10 years, diesel engines have had a really hard time meeting emissions guidelines, so the cars that we drive are tuned to meet the emissions standards...
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    Consumer Union weighs in on 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI

    I don't know how anyone can complain about VW's DSG transmission. You can't even feel it shift.
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    Just got a new 2015 Jetta TDI

    How does the new 2015 Jetta's power compare with your modded 2010 Jetta?
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    VW plans four-seat XL1, be called XL2

    Even if VW makes it, VW won't export it to the US. All the US gets is cheesy gas hybrids that get 50 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway, while Europe has had 70 mpg diesel's for more than 10 years. They never made it to the US, either. VW's Lupo 1.2 TDI was brilliant, and would...
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    Serpentine Belt

    My serpentine belt shredded a year or two ago on my Golf TDI, and it was about a 5 minute repair!
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    3rd HFPF failure!

    I spoke with an common rail injector rebuilder in Germany a few years ago. He said that Germans travel to eastern Europe, and when they get back, they end up having to get their injectors rebuilt, from the bad diesel.
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    How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video

    Have you marked a line on the pump and top/cover to know how far you are tapping? Minor taps shouldn't have that big of an effect. The car's computer can compensate for minor taps.
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    Volkswagen part numbering system

    Sadly, with this website you need a subscription: They are the best source to find VW part numbers I know of. You can enter you VIN to get the exact part number.
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    EA288 confirmed across the board by year end

    It's clear that VW's priorities in the US are power and emissions and not fuel economy. They brought their 800cc TDI Up Light Hybrid Concept to LA in 2009 to temp us, but it's clear now that they weren't serious...
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    WTB: 96-99 Jetta TDI or 95-97 Passat TDI ECU

    I personally challenge you to look at my feedback for the last month. I have 10 negative feedback last month and 513 positive. There is not a single negative feedback for a defective VW part in the last 30 days. 7 of the feedback were from international customers complaining about the item not...
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    WTB: 96-99 Jetta TDI or 95-97 Passat TDI ECU

    I need a Jetta III or 95-99 Passat TDI ECU. Must be from US model car (no immo). Contact
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    Higher gear not always better MPG

    I have found that I can idle 5th gear, and the car will continue to run just fine on a flat surface. (Not that it is my practice of doing so). The older 1.6 diesel's or most gas cars will eventually start to buck, due to lack of torque. On my way home from work, my subdivision is downhill...
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    Disable MKIV Alarm

    That is an interesting point. If you don't want to use the alarm, don't arm it! And if there is a way to lock and unlock the doors without setting the alarm, then the alarm has been essentially disabled.
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    Disable MKIV Alarm

    Can the Alarm system in the MKIV's be disabled? The question has been asked many times, but the post ALWAYS gets hijacked by people trying to fix the alledged problem with the alarm. I don't want to fix an alarm problem. I want to know if the alarm can be disabled. Some MKIV's are over 10...
  17. P cam (prothe)? (not

    BTW, even though DieselFahrer does seem the voice of reason on this post, I am not he.
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    I have said it before, and I'll say it again. If my parts were as bad as you all think they are, I wouldn't be in business. As for turbos, I sell well over 1000 turbos per year. All come with a 1 year warranty. If that many of them came back, I would stop selling them. What is greed? Is...
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    MK4 Parts (part out)

    I'm interested in the ECU and key.
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    Parting out 2002 Silver Jetta TDI Engine/5-speed trans FS

    Do you have the ECU and a key? if so, contact