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    Black Hatch trim ?

    I have seen on the GTi's where there is a black trim piece the curves up the sides of the hatch and across the top. Would this piece fit on a Wagen hatch?
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    Fix Performance Questions

    I went through 2 or three pages and all the threads were mostly about buybacks and talking about their experiences with the dealers or buy out prices. I just got my stuff in the mail the other day and it states that there should be no loss of performance or anything major. My main question is...
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    2015 Sportwagen Starting question

    Got my 2015 brand new back in August 15 before the whole TDI thing. Got really low miles 8,915 currently. This morning starting was longer than normal. It was kind of cold but not really. It was around 42 degrees this morning so not even freezing. I pressed the starter and it took around 4...
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    Bumper Lip glue question

    I got a new bumper lip from VW and it states I need to use glue in a track on the lip. I went to VW parts and asked them what kind of glue I need and if they had any. They told me they just go to places like carquest or something. So I went to a shop in town and I got something called 3M...
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    Engine idle after turn off

    Engine fans running after turning off engine I am new to TDI stuff and also new to turbos. There are some days that when I go to shut off the car and go into work or at home that the fan(i think) still runs for a short period of time. I contributed this to either engine cool down or turbo...
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    My new baby

    Got her recently and I love this car.
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    How to show MP3 Album cover on your radio

    I am not sure if this has ever been found. Figured I would post it here as I own a GSW and no other VW, plus I wasn't sure where else to post it. I found it by trial and error and some serious OCD on my part. The only reason I found it is because I had an MP3 from back around 2002 and the...