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    2015 Jetta TDi Oil Change Warning Light After Oil Change and Interval Reset

    Just got an oil change in the TDI and the Oil change interval was reset. While driving, the Service, oil change now message appeared with a yellow oil symbol in the top of the message window came on. Going to the service menu to check the interval for the next oil change, it says 9500 miles...
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    Intermittent Door Locks

    My automatic door locks are becoming intermittent. They lock and immediately unlock. They do it speeding up and slowing down. If you try to lock the doors while the car is moving, they immediately unlock. The only thing that seems to work is opening and closing the door when stopped. The...
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    Windshield wiper replacement

    Are there any aftermarket windshield wipers for the Mk6, or am I stuck going to the dealer? Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    30 Day Appt. Should be Interesting

    I found a paint blemish on the drivers side mirror and one of the front brake disks has a hard spot. Should make for an interesting appointment. :D
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    Mark VI Suspension Tuning

    So, I picked up a 2013 Basic Manual about 3 weeks ago and I am looking down the road into the future when the warranty runs out and I wear out the first set of tires (Hankook 205 55/16s). The goal is to improve the handling without giving up too much in ride comfort as this is a daily driver...