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    Anyone have Mk7 Golf OEM parts diagrams?

    Does anyone have access to parts diagrams for the Mk7 Golf yet? My 2015 TDI needs a few rear bumper, hatch, and tail light parts after being rear ended a few months ago and finally sorting things out with insurance/court. If there is a source for diagrams like the Mk6 one below so I can begin...
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    I'm not allowed to have a new Golf

    I got my first 2015 Golf TDI S DSG back in August, but unfortunately did not have a good experience with it from the start. As one of the first produced for North America, it seemed to come with some quality issues from the factory. The dealership first had to repair an exhaust leak before I...
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    Weird VW Dealership Experience

    Having a bit of a strange experience with the VW dealer I just bought a new 2015 Golf TDI from. On Tuesday of this week I found that they had my perfect car in stock (color and everything!) which was a much more attractive option than waiting 2+ weeks for another dealership to get one. The day I...