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    Searching erWin for 2014 Passat TDI (NMS) Engine Service Manual

    Hello All, I am considering purchasing a subscription to erWin if I would be able to download the engine service manual for my 2014 Passat TDI (NMS) so I can learn about the coolant flushing process and oil cooler replacement. However, after searching on erWin, it seems no such thing is...
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    Measuring oil temperature and level via VCDS

    I made an interesting discovery in VCDS today: Apparently, we can monitor oil temperature and level in the CKRA. Under the Control Module 01-Engine and Advanced Measurements, I found this option along with oil level. Maybe this is news only to me; I could have sworn the CKRA did not have an...
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    Strange coolant temperatures post-flush

    Hi all, As some of you might have seen in my previous thread, my car's original heater core coolant passages blocked up (cold air out of passenger side) and my core was replaced per VW's TSB. Days after getting my car back with the new core, I noticed there was still a lot of contamination in...
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    Rusty Sediment in Coolant Problems

    Hello folks. Wow. It has been forever since the last time I have posted. I've still been reading on and off (it's good to see many of the familiar faces still here:)), but haven't posted since for the most part things have been smooth sailing for my car, until recently. After 3 years and...
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    Quick Question: Fuel level recommended for alignment?

    Hi all, Since I will be getting my 2014 Passat TDI SE aligned soon, I want to know how much fuel VW recommends I have in my car for a correct alignment. I ask this because I know the weight of the fuel in the vehicle can affect the suspension's position during the alignment, and I want to make...
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    Metallic clunk/crack/pop from front end when turning steering wheel.

    Hello all, I have encountered my first issue with my 2014 Passat TDI SE. Over the past month my Passat with almost 17K miles has developed a metal-on-metal sounding clunk/crack/pop audible from outside the vehicle. I hear it when I turn sharply at very low speed, such as when I am pulling...
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    Air Filter Replacement Interval

    Hello folks! It's been a long while since I have posted, as I have been quite preoccupied with school, work, and other obligations. I thought I'd come back to report that everything is going well with my 2014 Passat TDI after roughly 15K miles and a year and a half of driving. Not...
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    507.00 Coking Temperature

    Hello everyone, At what temperature does 507.00 synthetic oil (specifically Castrol LL03) coke? I'm just curious what this number actually is since a few Passat owners are concerned about potentially coking the oil in the turbocharger core from a interrupted regeneration/hot shutdown, thus I...
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    Is my thermostat working properly?

    Now that it has been below freezing for a couple of days, I have finally been using the heater and I noticed something I hadn't previously observed. Once the car is up to operating temperature (above 200*f), I can cool off the coolant temperature when I turn the heat to MAX with recirculation...
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    Potential Cause of a Cracked DPF

    It seems cracked DPFs are a growing issue with the CBEA and CJAA. The conclusion most people jump to is that they are cracking due thermal stresses from hot shutdowns or are failing due to manufacturing defects, but I thought of another cause that might be the source of trouble for those with...
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    Passat TDI Maximum Stock Boost Pressure and Scangauge II Boost Gauge

    Hello folks, For starters, anyone know what is the maximum boost pressure (in PSI) a stock CKRA Passat TDI should achieve? Or, how much boost the car builds at idle with the engine warmed up and the AC turned off? I have entered the following XGauge into my Scangauge II to display boost in...
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    Well, you can count me in now...calling all ScangaugeII Experts!

    For a while I've insisted that I do not need a Scangauge II to detect a DPF regeneration, and I still stand by that. As a result, I had been procrastinating getting one...until today. For $109, I couldn't resist joining the Scangauge II club.:o It's a pretty awesome little device! Shout out...
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    Do our AC systems slowly lose their charge?

    Hello folks! I know a bit about AC and refrigeration systems, and know that AC systems are for all intents and purposes, "sealed." But, are they truly "sealed" enough to hold their entire charge through the vehicle's entire lifetime? In other words, should I have to "top off" my Passat's AC...
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    Anyone know what this oily goop seeping out of the corner of my fender is?

    I saw this greasy yellowish snotty stuff that looked like it was seeping out of my Passat's passenger-side front fender today. I don't think it was something I ran over since it looks to be coming from inside the fender. Is it like extra glue residue or something that is coming off since it...
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    Does your 6MT Passat TDI have the clutch pedal pulsing/vibration/heartbeat?

    I have read a few threads here about folks describing what would be a constant pulsating or vibration, sometimes referred to as a "heartbeat," that can be felt through the clutch pedal in their six-speed manual Passat TDI. Personally, I can say that not only does the clutch pedal in my 2014 6MT...
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    How to test G13 Coolant Concentration?

    Hello folks! Anyone know of a tool or a method I could use to determine the percentage of antifreeze mixed with water in coolant? Thanks!
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    Should I put a biocide in my tank if my car isn't going to be driven for 3 weeks?

    I'm going to leave for a vacation and my car (Passat in my signature) won't get driven for three weeks. I fill with a fuel that is B5 or less according to the sticker on the pump, and the car will be parked in a garage where it will be above 90*F regularly. Should I put a biocide additive in the...
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    Clutch pedal pushed in or not for engine shutdown?

    Clearly, it is best to press in the clutch pedal to start the engine, but is it also better to press in the clutch pedal when I shut off my car or should I leave it out? Which option is better for the engine, DMF, pressure plate, etc? So far I have been leaving it out when I shut off the...
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    Is the fuel cap watertight?

    I had an interesting occurrence at the self-serve car wash the other day. I was simply pressure washing the right side of my car, spraying from back to front along the side, when somehow the fuel door got blown open by the pressure washer wand. I wasn't doing anything weird or spraying...
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    How to remove the front bumper?

    Anyone have instructions on removing the front bumper? Thanks! TurboDieselPoint