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    Headlight Range Control

    That's VW's fancy name for the system that allows cabin adjustment of headlight aim. Its intent seems to be to allow the driver to lower the aim of the car's lights when the car is heavily laden and the beams are abnormally high. I've acquired a set of ecodes and the euro headlight switch that...
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    Paint Code?

    Can someone tell me where I can find the correct paint code for my '97 b4? Thanks, EEE
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    Anyone know this B4v? Copy and Paste Must be too good to be true, it sure looks that way! Edited to correct link per 2many diesels note below.
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    B4 Cluster Question bumped from elsewhere

    Different cluster question DeWhite2485 seems to be the instrument cluster expert so I'll post my inquiry here. Maybe it should be a new thread but here goes anyway... Does the speedometer's circuitry have any adaptive capacity? Asked because: After an attempted engine start with the...
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    1Z Engine Harness Connector

    Oilheads... '97 Passat, 210,000 miles with glow plug issues-but I think I've got a handle on that problem. However... The big round engine harness connector broke when I attempted to disconnect it. It looked virgin (unmolested) but refused to turn (top of middle section toward radiator) and...
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    Different kind of AC problem

    AC pressures way too high...on both sides! Sitting in traffic high side went so high it blew the pressure switch apart..BOOM!!:eek: 100,000 on compressor (recently replaced when I bought the car at 100k, I've driven it 100,000 now it has 200,000). So; I removed the expansion valve and found...
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    Instrument Cluster Repair

    Can anyone tell me how the instrument needles are attached to their shafts? I want to disassemble the cluster in my '97 B4 and have gotten to the point where I have to remove the pointers from the instruments to get the insrument faces off. This is a later cluster with no replaceable voltage...
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    Electrical Manual Help

    I've been chasing the famous (infamous?) instrument cluster reset problem in my '97 b4 and bought the Bentley factory manual. The electrical diagrams are similar in layout to the BMW ETMs that I'm used to using but the VW diagrams have a feature I can't seem to interpret. Some conductors are...
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    B4 Engine Pan

    Newbie here-again! Is the foam liner for the lower engine cover available anywhere? The dealer says no-buy the whole pan if you want new foam. $$$ !!! What is the collective wisdom among the well informed? Thanks...
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    AC Recirculation Actuator

    Hi all, Newly acquired a3/b4 has no a/c recirculate function. Traced vacuum leak back to the actuator at the recirc. flapper. Removed actuator and disassembled-busted diaphragm. Local parts guy can't find replacement part in VW system and my etka has not arrived yet. Is this a replaceable part...
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    WTB a3/b4 engine cover

    '97 Passat engine cover needed. New Jersey, US
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    Parts info availability

    Newbie here. I bought a '97 a3/b4 beater that needs lots of help. In general I like to stay with OEM parts. Where is VW part information available? Are CDs or printed part manuals for sale anywhere? TIA...