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  1. jcrews

    Tech tip: G28 troubleshooting

    NB: This applies to ALH. BEW has the same pickup, but a different waveform, and I haven't checked to see if its controller has any active monitors for this circuit. If I get a chance to test a BEW, I will update with waveform and self-diagnosis information. Short version: * Symptoms: Car...
  2. jcrews

    Alternator pulley tool - Phoenix area

    [Canceled] Alternator pulley tool - Phoenix area disregard.
  3. jcrews

    1999.5 Jetta, Black, NE IL (NW of Chicago, IL)

    SOLD 11/28/2012 Two is one too many cars for me, so the Jetta must go. This has been a great little car and has been perfectly dependable. I would have driven the wheels off it but my Golf was too good of a deal to pass up. 3VWSF29M7XM022851 @ 60021 GLS TDI 5 speed manual Ninja black...
  4. jcrews

    Misc. items for sale

    Items are not available for shipping until further notice. Prices are subject to negotiation. Photos can be supplied if requested. All parts were pulled in good working order. The buyer will pay actual shipping fees. 11mm ALH injection pump 1J0130107X - $800 (This was rebuilt for VW - < 120k...
  5. jcrews

    WTB - mk60 ASR

    I'm looking for a mk60 ASR/ABS unit. The vehicle will have code 1AJ on the build tag if equipped. These units are mounted in mk4 from 2001-2006. 1J0698417A is the current part number. The control unit will be marked with ASR. Post your offers on this thread.
  6. jcrews

    soldering iron in Hilliard, OH

    If anyone in the Columbus area has a soldering iron I can borrow, let me know. I left my tools at home.
  7. jcrews

    BRM actuators repair

    Hi everyone, I want to look into the possibility of repairing BRM actuators. If anyone would like to donate a sample, please let me know.
  8. jcrews

    Wheel bearing tools

    Hi everyone, My Jetta needs front wheel bearings, and if someone can lend me any suitable press set, I would appreciate it. I can't start work until the second week of December, so there's no rush.
  9. jcrews

    Dsl btl 9

    I see your car in the EB quite often. I'm just wondering who you are. Cheers!
  10. jcrews

    FS ALH oil pan

    $50 + shipping
  11. jcrews

    FS ALH EGR valve

    $75, cleaned, includes new gaskets. The diaphragm does not leak. Sale pending to 02SilverGolfTDI. I will ship the item when PP releases the funds.
  12. jcrews

    FS ALH intake manifold

    I'm asking $125 + shipping for an intake manifold that has been cleaned in a hot tank. A new gasket is included. If you want the old screws, let me know.
  13. jcrews

    FS VNT-15 core

    I have a VNT15 core. The shaft has axial play, so I could not use it. The exhaust housing screws have been removed. The vane assembly is free, and the housings look OK, but I have not taken it apart. Make me an offer. Just remember shipping will be expensive, so you're better off picking it up...
  14. jcrews

    Does anyone have a flywheel tool VW3067?

    I need to install a flywheel on an engine, but I don't have the lock tool.
  15. jcrews

    TB tools

    I'm going to be heading out to Westmont next week to help out a member with a sick car (Dash_Merc). I don't own any timing belt tools, and I wouldn't mind buying them, but borrowing is my preferred option (I don't use them much). If anyone around here can lend me a set (for ALH) for a few...
  16. jcrews

    I need a body repair shop in IL/WI

    Last week I got tapped while I was on my way home, so I have a bent up rear left fender. Body repair shops seem to be hit or miss, and the other driver's insurance co said I can choose any place I want. Does anyone know of a consistently good shop in this area? Some place near home would be...
  17. jcrews

    VAG-COM Lost & Found - DeKalb 9/04/2009

    I had a scatterbrain moment and left my VCDS cable in someone else's trunk/cabin. If you're that someone else, and you see this, send me a note and I'll come pick it up. :rolleyes: I found it 9/08/2009 :)
  18. jcrews

    Adjusting the MAP response - need a good log

    Since installing RC2, the MAP goes up past the top of the sensor's scale. What's annoying is that if the part throttle response looks correct, the full load response overshoots quite a bit. If I get the full load response to calm down, the part load response appears to have a lot of lag...
  19. jcrews

    FREE 99 GLS seats beige

    I'm tired of looking at these. Both front airbags are good, no tears, burns, etc. You'll have to pick these up, else $25 handling plus shipping & packing. These are A4 body style for a 4/5 door configuration.
  20. jcrews

    Does anyone in NE IL have gear replacement tools?

    I'm getting a 5th gear set today or tomorrow, but i'd rather not buy a shiny new gear puller for a job I'll be doing once or once in a great while. If anyone around here has one that will work for the 5th cluster and output gear, please let me know. On a side note, I noticed the destructions...