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    2015/CVCA Timing Belt

    I'm about to replace the timing belt in my '15 TDI Jetta. However, I can't find any specific How-To's. It's possible I missed them in the search. Can anyone point to an EA288 specific procedure? Or, is it essentially like the CJAA generation? Thanks! Tony
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    Coolant Temp

    Background: 2006 Jetta TDI, original owner, 279k miles. Just replaced timing belt - every belt done by myself - kit from IDparts Included with this timing belt, beyond the usual: water pump serpentine tensioner thermostat thermostat housing I'm inquiring about normal operating temps: @ 70MPH...
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    I thought I would post this in the hopes it will help someone in the future. Had P0243 & P0245 codes pop up a few weeks ago. Engine was in limp mode. Otherwise running OK - Just like a 30 hp diesel! Cleaned the grounds near the battery. Inspected the wiring to the turbo VNT actuator, EGR...
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    5sp drive axle seal

    Has anyone replaced the right (passenger) side drive axle seal? If so, does anyone have a tool to loan/rent? TIA, Tony
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    WTB: CECM '06 Jetta

    I'm in the market for a Central Electronics Control Module, 03G906016AC Prefer an early CECM, build date before Nov '05. PM me. Thanks for looking! Tony
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    FS: Misc MK5 Interior parts

    I am working on swapping my DSG to 5sp. Those parts will be for sale in the coming weeks. The junkyard I sourced my 5sp trans also gave up console related parts that I don't need. I will get pics up in the next few days. All prices do not include shipping! What I have, all in black trim...
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    MK5 DSG to 5SP Swap

    Basic stats: 237K miles 2nd camshaft DSG DMF replaced at 80K Regular trans service every 40K, by me So, I've been having some gear noise in the trans since early summer. Over the last 2 months it's been more pronounced. Took it to a local Independent VW shop - he confirmed it sounds like the...
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    '06 Jetta Stumble

    My '06 Jetta TDI stumbles up to ~2200rpm. If the RPM's are aboe 2200, i.e. freeway commuting, it runs fine. When running around town, anything <2000rpm, it will randomly stumble. So far, I've only replaced the EGR cooler because that was leaking profusely. I'm trying to differentiate...
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    Tony's A6 Project

    Well not as much of a project as my Passat was! But, still plenty to do. Details about the car: 2015, Sedan, SE w/ Connectivity 2.0 TDI, DSG Factory tires: Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 (YAY) White exterior w/ Cornsik Beige Interior, two tone w/ black accents Bought the car Saturday, with 50...
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    Fs: 1996 b4 tdi

    I'm putting my B4 up for sale. We are buying a new TDI in the next few weeks, and can't have too many cars around the yard! This car has been well maintained, it's just not pretty. For anyone in the snow belt looking for a rust free car, this is a good example. I would not hesitate to...
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    Parting out: '95 B4 in AZ

    I will update this post as parts become available...and sold. If you are looking for something not on the list, PM me. I probably haven't gotten around to pulling it off the car. For sale: Still have doors, windows, and deck lid. Various wiring harnesses intact. Sunroof and mechanism...
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    A5 issues

    So, it's time to post, requesting help. Symptoms: Intermittent black smoke Intermittent cut out, like it's dropping a cylinder. The cut out does not coincide with the black smoke. What I've done so far: Changed air and fuel filters. Replaced the o2 was throwing an intermittent...
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    Parting out '95 B4

    I will update this post as parts become available...and sold. If you are looking for something not on the list, PM me. I probably haven't gotten around to pulling it off the car. For sale: Alternator, 120A, tested good at local auto parts store: $85+shipping Air pump, bench tests good...
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    B4 NLA parts

    As I am going though the process of replacing the front body of my car, I am finding a few parts the appear to be no longer available from the factory. I have yet to find them in the aftermarket. I thought I would post gh is in the hopes that someone has a source that I haven't found. So far, I...
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    Power Steering Pump

    As some of you may know, I crunched the front of my Passat a few weeks ago. No injuries, other than emotional...Ok, I'm angry at myself! Moving on! The power steering reservoir, among other parts, was destroyed. I had to move the car a little, total <1/8 mile. I'm wondering if I should...
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    DSG Oil Leak

    Anyone have an issue where the trans was leaking from the topside, meaning the DSG oil filter cap or the DSG Oil Cooler? I have read a few posts where the oil cooler breached and contaminated the engine cooling system & the DSG trans with coolant & DSG oil. I refilled the trans to spec, adding...
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    Crankshaft Timing Sprocket

    Well, I think my B4 is another victim of the "D" shaped timing sprocket failure. As some of you may have been following, I borrowed a set of PP520 injectors (and nozzles) from Abacus, to use while mine were sent out for balancing and install of Titan 502 nozzles. It seemed no matter where I...
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    More B4 issues...Air & Fuel

    Repaired the AC system on Saturday. Yeah, 40F air on an 80F day! Had a hard code limp mode on Sunday. BOOO, no commuter! Trailed the car home and scanned with VCDS: MAF singal implausible. Take the car for a 3 mile test drive and no more MAF code. As soon as I get it warmed up...
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    P0132 / Oxygen Sensor

    I've been getting a code lately on the A5: 000306 - Ogygen (Lambda Sensor) B1 S1 P0132 - 000 Signal Too High - Intermittent Has anyone had experience with this? Is this just the Lambda sensor failing? Or, should I check into other threads I've read about the wire harness chafing? I haven't...
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    '06 Jetta - Serpentine belt failure

    My Latest tale of woe... I was at a Dr. appointment with my son yesterday, when the wife calls for an update and proceeds to tell me that the battery light was on. The car apparently started for her at lunch and ran fine. Since I was close to her work, I stopped by to find that the...