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    1999.5 Jetta, 315,000 miles, front end query

    I have a lot of miles on the front end. Just replaced the control arms. Car is so much better I can not believe it! :) So, I took it over for an alignment and the shop would not do it. :mad: Said I needed to replace the 'rest'. I drove it a few thousand to Texas three weeks ago and really do...
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    2004 PD boost leak

    I have a 2004 PD TDI that has had an intermittent boost leak. It seems to be temperature related. It also seems to be getting worse. I should be able to see it when I start checking this week but I was just wondering if there is a common weak point that I might check out first. Anybody have any...
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    New Passat TDI problems? Should I buy one?

    I am considering getting a Passat TDI for my wife. I read about the shuddering and transmission problems. Are these bad enough that it might scare her during her drive? When does it happen? Has anyone gotten a handle on it and fixed it? Does it show up in Europe? Thanks for any input!
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    Stage three install complete and driving fun!

    Yeeha! Found the time to do the install with a local guru. Took three weeks of nights and weekends. Drove it today for the first long test. Man, does it pull! Whew. First ticket here I come! I can just tell. This one is a winner!
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    Window clip part number

    After 160,000 miles my window finally fell. Anyone know the new clip part number?
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    Where are all the grounds? 1999.5 model.

    I am going to put a new battery in my car and thought it would be a good time to clean the grounds under the battery. (If I can find them!) I also thought I would clean the rest of the grounds as I do this. I am having a strange problem which might be ground related. I did not see where all the...
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    Oddity with TDI MAF specified reading.

    I had a very interesting experience with vagcom yesterday. I just put in a MAF-X into my 99.5 TDI. This is the MAF that VW says is a reconditioned MAF. I was going to do the second gear run from 2000 to 4500 RPM while logging measuring block 3. When I went to measuring block three, the specified...
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    New MAF 038 906 461 B PD

    Just got back from a friends house. He has an 04 PD. The MAF is WAY different looking. Has anyone tried this on their A4 yet? Hmm... I wonder if Dutch has looked at it. This might be the new improved model? Perhaps a vagcom log is in the future.
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    Problems with 04 Jetta TDI PD

    A friend just got a 04 Jetta TDI. He had an older interface which he upgraded for the hex com. He seems to be having problems with seeing some of the controllers. The one he was trying to get into was the instument panel. ALso he wanted to change the door lock feature and could not get into that...
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    Anyone elses pierburg MAF bite the dust?

    Yesterday the pierburg MAF bit the dust after about 10,000 miles. Going up a hill in Utah, the car decided it had had enough. I unplugged it and drove on. Sigh. Always on a trip. Counting the pierburg, my next one will be number six! Bummer.
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    1999.5 with flutter, miss or stumble on accel

    Car is 1999.5 upsolute chip, cone filter, Pierburg MAF, 133,000 miles on car. Okay, here is my problem. Sometimes, while accelerating, the car ‘stumbles’ or ‘misses’ at around 3000 RPM. The way it feels is a nice strong pull, then a somewhat of a flutter, with more smoke out the back, then a...
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    Can not communicate with Jetta TDI!

    I am trying to help a fellow club member. He has a Jetta TDI. (2001 I believe.) I have vagged many cars and never had a problem talking with one. The first time I tried I got no communications with the car. I posted here on another thread where there was a similar problem and someone told me to...
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    Dodge high output data?

    Hello! My uncle just purchased a Dodge Cummins high output diesel truck. It has common rail(?) I think. I was wondering if there is information on this engine? He wants to know how the injectors function. Any ideas or sites?
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    Part number for blue coolant sensor.

    My 1999.5 TDI Jetta IV has the blue coolant sensor. Not the green one. It is a four pin sensor. I need the part number so I can buy one. Do you know the part number? How many coolant sensors does the TDI ALH engine have? I would guess one but reading some of the threads, I am confused. There...
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    Thermostat problems or is this just normal?

    I know the TDI engine is a cold blooded beast but what I have been observing has me wondering if my thermostat is sticking open. Lets see what you all think. While driving on some city streets, my temp gague was about halfway to 190. Car was just getting warmed up. Outside air temp was about...
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    Etka help for a member!

    I need to get the part number for the rear pad retaining springs for a 1999.5 A4 Jetta. The dealer says for me to get them I must shell out $70 for the rear pad set!
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    Rear brake question.

    I just got through putting my brakes on. (115,000 miles) When I put the rears on, I destroyed the pad retaining springs. (Well, one per side.) Made a wonderful sound! I went to the dealer to buy a couple and found out they only sell them with the pads for $70! Has anyone found a source for...
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    Turbo not working well when hot. N75 replaced and

    The problem started with my turbo 'cutting out'. I would press on the go pedal and sometimes, just sometimes, you could tell the turbo was not working. Most of the times this happened at first the feeling was that it was on and off. I also noticed the car was quite responsive when it was...
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    For sale: N75 #1J0 906 627 A, new, never used.

    I have an A4 and the N75 went bad. I looked for the part number and found this: A4 N75 turbo boost control valve 1J0 906 627 A I received it and sadly found out my 99.5 A4 Jetta uses the 1H0 906 627 A. I reordered the H part and that fixed my turbo problem! I could send the part back (and...
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    Lowest N75 cost?

    I need an N75 for my A4 Jetta 99.5. Has anyone found this part less expensive than $80? If so, where. Thanks.